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HR Glossary

HR Glossary.
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HR Glossary

HR Glossary: Here is the glossary of HR, Talent, and Recruiting Center of Excellence Terminology, Acronyms, and Roles, sorted alphabetically in active voice with transition words:

Workday’s HCM Training on HR Terminology

A-D HR Glossary

  • Acquisition Strategy: The comprehensive plan outlining the approach to acquiring top talent for an organization.
  • ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act: A federal law that prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities.
  • ATS – Applicant Tracking System: A software that helps in managing the recruitment process, from posting job openings to hiring.
  • Automated Case Management: The use of technology to streamline and automate the handling of HR cases and requests.


  • Benefits Administration: The process of managing and overseeing employee benefits programs.
  • BLS – Bureau of Labor Statistics: A U.S. government agency that provides labor market data, including employment and wage statistics.
  • Branding: The practice of establishing and maintaining a positive image and reputation for an organization.
  • Business Rule: A defined logic used in ServiceNow to automate processes and enforce policies.


  • Candidate Experience: The overall perception a job applicant forms during the recruitment process.
  • CMDB (Configuration Management Database): A centralized database that contains information about the configuration items in an organization’s IT infrastructure, a reference of what is running where and who owns it.
  • COBRA – Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act: A federal law that allows employees to continue their health insurance coverage after leaving their job.
  • CoE (Center of Excellence): A specialized unit within HR that focuses on specific areas of HR expertise.


  • DOL – Department of Labor: A U.S. government agency responsible for enforcing labor laws and regulations.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Efforts to ensure a diverse workforce and foster an inclusive workplace environment.
  • Development Plan: A structured strategy to enhance the skills and abilities of employees.
  • Dynamic Forms: Forms in ServiceNow that adapt based on user input, providing a tailored experience.

E-H HR Glossary


  • EEO – Equal Employment Opportunity: Policies and practices that ensure fair treatment and equal opportunities for all employees.
  • Employee Engagement: The level of commitment and emotional connection an employee has with their work and organization.
  • Employer Branding: The image and reputation of an organization as an employer.
  • Employee Self-Service (ESS Employee Service Center: A portal or platform that allows employees to access HR services and information independently.
  • Employee Service Center:


  • Feedback Loop: A continuous process of providing and receiving feedback to improve performance.
  • FMLA – Family and Medical Leave Act: A federal law that provides eligible employees with unpaid, job-protected leave for specific family or medical reasons.
  • Form Designer: A tool in ServiceNow that enables the creation and customization of forms for data collection.
  • Full-Time Equivalent (FTE): The equivalent of one full-time employee working for a specified period.



  • HRIS (Human Resource Information System): Software that facilitates the management of HR data and processes.
  • HR Service Delivery: The process of providing HR services and support to employees using technology and automation.
  • Hiring Manager: The individual responsible for making final hiring decisions and managing the new hire.

HRSD: What are ServiceNow HRSD Centers of Excellence

I- L HR Glossary


  • I-9 – Employment Eligibility Verification Form: A U.S. government form that verifies an employee’s eligibility to work in the United States.
  • Incident Management: The process of logging, categorizing, prioritizing, and resolving HR-related incidents.
  • Interviewing Techniques: Methods and approaches used to assess job applicants during the selection process.
  • Induction Program: A structured orientation process for new employees.


  • Job Description: A detailed document outlining the responsibilities, qualifications, and expectations for a specific role.
  • Jobs n Career Success- eNews
  • Job Rotation: The practice of moving employees through various positions within the organization.
  • Job Requisition: A formal request to hire a new employee, including details about the role and requirements.


  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI): Measurable metrics used to evaluate the success of a process or activity.
  • Knowledge Base: A centralized repository of articles, documents, and information that can be accessed by employees and HR.
  • Knowledge Categorization “Find-ability
  • Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Transfer: The process of sharing expertise and information among employees.


  • Leadership Development: Programs and initiatives aimed at enhancing leadership skills within an organization.
  • Lifecycle Event: Significant events in an employee’s journey, such as onboarding, promotion, or offboarding.
  • LMS (Learning Management System): Software used for creating, managing, and delivering training programs.

M-P HR Glossary


  • Mentorship: A professional relationship in which an experienced individual guides and supports a less experienced person.
  • Metrics: Quantifiable measures used to track and evaluate HR and business performance.
  • Mobile App: A mobile application that allows users to access ServiceNow HR services on the go.
  • Mobile Onboarding: Use of ServiceNow Mobile Onboarding for new hire processes.


  • NDA – Non-Disclosure Agreement: A legal contract that outlines confidential information that parties agree not to disclose.
  • Needs Assessment: The process of identifying gaps in knowledge, skills, or resources within an organization.
  • NLRB – National Labor Relations Board: An independent U.S. government agency that protects employees’ rights to organize and form union.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): A legal document that prohibits the sharing of confidential information.
  • Notifications: Messages or alerts sent by the ServiceNow platform to inform users about important events or updates.


  • OFCCP – Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs: A U.S. government agency that enforces equal employment opportunity regulations for federal contractors.
  • Onboarding: The process of integrating and orienting new employees into the organization.
  • Onboarding Workflow: A structured process within ServiceNow for welcoming and integrating new employees.
  • Organizational Culture: The shared values, beliefs, and behaviors that define the work environment.


  • Performance Analytics: The use of data and metrics to monitor and improve HR performance and processes.
  • Performance Management: The process of setting goals, providing feedback, and evaluating employee performance.
  • PHR – Professional in Human Resources: A certification for HR professionals demonstrating expertise in HR practices and principles.
  • Policy: A set of guidelines and rules established by an organization to govern behavior and decision-making.

Q-S HR Glossary


  • Quality of Hire: The measure of how well a new hire meets the organization’s expectations and requirements.
  • QPI – Quarterly Performance Indicator: Metrics used to evaluate the performance of a company or department on a quarterly basis.
  • Query Builder: A tool in ServiceNow that allows users to create complex queries for data retrieval.


  • Recruitment Marketing: The use of marketing techniques to attract and engage potential job candidates.
  • Reporting: The process of generating and analyzing reports to gain insights into HR operations and performance.
  • Retention Rate: The percentage of employees who remain with the organization over a specified period.
  • ROI – Return on Investment: A measure of the profitability or effectiveness of an investment.


  • Service Catalog: A catalog of HR services and products that employees can request through ServiceNow.
  • SHRM – Society for Human Resource Management: A professional association for HR professionals offering resources, networking, and certifications.
  • Succession Planning: The process of identifying and developing future leaders within the organization.
  • SWOT Analysis: An assessment of an organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

T-Z HR Glossary


  • T&D – Training and Development: Programs designed to improve the knowledge, skills, and abilities of employees.
  • Talent Acquisition: The process of identifying, attracting, and hiring qualified candidates for specific roles.
  • Task Assignment: The process of assigning specific HR tasks to individuals or groups within the organization.
  • Training Needs Analysis: The evaluation of training requirements based on employee skills and knowledge gaps.


  • Unconscious Bias: Implicit or unconscious preferences or prejudices that influence decision-making.
  • USERRA – Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act: A federal law that protects the job rights of individuals who leave their employment to perform military service.
  • User Roles and Permissions: The defined roles and access levels that determine what users can do within the ServiceNow platform.


  • Virtual Agent: A chatbot or AI-powered agent that provides automated assistance to users.
  • Virtual Onboarding: The process of welcoming and integrating remote employees into the organization.
  • Vision Statement: A concise statement outlining an organization’s long-term goals and aspirations.
  • VTO – Volunteer


  • W-4 – Employee’s Withholding Certificate: A U.S. government form used to determine federal income tax withholding.
  • Workflow Automation: The use of predefined workflows to automate HR processes and tasks.
  • Workforce Planning: The strategic process of aligning organizational goals with human capital requirements.
  • Work-Life Balance: The equilibrium between work-related and personal activities in an individual’s life.


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This glossary provides a comprehensive reference for HR, Talent, and Recruiting Center of Excellence terminology, acronyms, and roles. Use it to enhance your understanding and effectiveness in these crucial areas of HR management.

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