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AI & GRC Defense Against Security-Data Breach

ServiceNow-Learning Highlights: GRC
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AI & GRC Defense Against Security-Data Breach

ServiceNow-Learning Highlights: GRC: staying competitive means embracing technology and staying current. According to IBM, a substantial 35% of Enterprises reported using Artificial Intelligence (AI), while an additional 42% are exploring its capabilities. This trend is particularly prominent in areas such as Security Operations, Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), as well as IT services, all aiming for continuous improvement to remain agile and effective.

Soaring Security Data Breach Downtime is driving ServiceNow-Learning Highlights: GRC

Laura’s Insights ITIC BlogNews / By Laura DiDio from ITIC Reports & Surveys reveal a pivotal statistic: a staggering 76% of enterprises attribute security and data breaches as the top causes of server of downtime in 2022.

The urgency to counter this issue has given rise to an increased Artificial Intelligence Enhanced Service Management. This demand spans across domains including Major Incident Management, IT Service Management (ITSM) operations, Security Operations (SecOps) monitoring, and GRC.

Enter the ServiceNow platform, offering response features that extend far beyond traditional workflows and tracking. Through the use of SMART Workspaces and Dashboards, coupled with knowledge centered robust business processes, organizations are finding innovative ways to enhance their operations and drive superior outcomes.

The data breach landscape paints a sobering picture, as evidenced by IBM and the Ponemon Institute’s 2021 Cost of a Data Breach Study. The average cost of a successful data breach has spiked to $4.24 million USD, marking a 10% increase from the previous year. This statistic represents a notable 20% surge over just two years, underscoring the importance of fortified security measures.

ServiceNow-Learning Highlights: GRC Integrated Risk Management (IRM) Power Tools for Improved Cyber Security

Recently, I delved into a refresh of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) – Integrated Risk Management (IRM) training, a domain that holds critical significance for organizations seeking comprehensive control. The GRC landscape has evolved significantly since my previous engagement, and the strides made are remarkable.

ServiceNow GRC IRM takes the lead by orchestrating the establishment of policies, processes, and structures that seamlessly align activities with strategic objectives. This entails defining and managing intricate frameworks, policies, and standards to ensure a cohesive operational ecosystem.

Business Continuity Demands Application Impact Assessment Oriented Risk Management

Moving forward, Risk Management emerges as a crucial facet. Enterprises must deploy swift identification, assessment, and mitigation of risks across multifaceted processes. Business Continuity depend on solid impact assessment oriented Risk Management process. A solid GRC platform equips users with essential tools for comprehensive risk assessment, strategic mitigation planning, and vigilant exposure monitoring.

Transitioning to Compliance Management, the platform assumes the role of a stalwart guardian, ensuring steadfast adherence to industry standards, best practices, and internal policies. It diligently tracks obligations, facilitates audits, and maintains a meticulous record of compliance activities.

Policy Management, on the other hand, involves the meticulous creation, updating, and dissemination of policies throughout the organization. ServiceNow’s platform efficiently oversees policy documents, versions, and their widespread distribution.

In the realm of Vendor Risk Management, where third-party collaborations are prevalent, ServiceNow GRC IRM steps in to assess and monitor associated risks. The platform’s vigilant oversight ensures that vendors uphold the requisite compliance and security standards.

Furthermore, Reporting and Analytics take center stage, empowered by sophisticated Dashboards. These analytical tools offer valuable insights into an organization’s risk and compliance landscape. This data-driven approach empowers proactive management and informed decision-making.

Lastly, Workflow Automation emerges as a game-changer. By automating critical tasks encompassing risk assessment, compliance checks, and incident response, the platform dramatically enhances operational efficiency. This transformative capability significantly reduces manual efforts and fosters a more streamlined operation.

In essence, ServiceNow GRC IRM transcends traditional risk management, ushering in an era of comprehensive governance, strategic risk mitigation, and proactive compliance management. Its innovative features, dynamic analytics, and workflow automation collectively reshape the landscape of modern enterprise operations.

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