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Service Catalog Order Guides

Service Catalog Order Guides
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Service Catalog Order Guides

Service Catalog Order Guides: Demystifying ServiceNow Order Guides and Streamlining Service Catalog Request Items. Clients often seek effective strategies to optimize the Service Design process, ultimately enhancing the Service Catalog Experience. One invaluable tool in this endeavor is the ServiceNow Order Guide. This feature acts as a catalyst, simplifying the process through the creation of a “service bundle” for streamlined service ordering.

One of the things we are asked most often is how we can handle the complexity on the front end of Service creation for the service catalog. The goal is understanding and optimizing Service Design to improve the Service Catalog Experience.

One useful feature is the use of an Order Guide. In this article, we’ll delve into what an Order Guide is, steps to effectively organize one, and real-world examples showcasing its benefits. An Order Guide essentially creates a “service bundle” that makes it easier to order a group of services.

How a User Experiences a Service Catalog Order Guide Item

Employees would select an item for ordering from the service portal or service catalog, begin by searching for an order guide item from the service portal search, then choosing the catalog items, which is a bundled service, and thus serves as the order guide itself, employing checkboxes, for instance. Subsequently, the Rule Base tab assesses which catalog items to include, factoring in the entries in the variables found on the guide page. This process leads to the presentation of tabs within the order guide, each dedicated to completing particulars for individual items. Moreover, if you feature a dropdown choice list at the outset of the order guide, specifying roles, you can utilize the value from this choice list to establish rules in the rule base. These rules dictate which catalog items align with the designated role.

Here is a Developers Guided approach to Order Guide Sequencing

Understanding ServiceNow Service Catalog Order Guides

ServiceNow Order Guides serve as dynamic collections of catalog items, streamlining complex request processes into user-friendly, step-by-step workflows. They enable users to select multiple services or products in a single request, simplifying their experience and enhancing efficiency.

High-Level Steps to Organize an Order Guide

Identify Requester Needs: Begin by understanding the common requests and services required by specific user groups or departments. This forms the basis of your Order Guide.

Group Similar Services: Organize catalog items into logical categories or groups. This facilitates easy navigation and selection for users. ServiceNow provides an approach to grouping services using Bundled models (servicenow.com)

Sequence Steps Intuitively: Arrange items within the Order Guide using Process Automation Design in a logical sequence that mirrors the natural progression of the request process.

Define Dependencies: Specify any dependencies between items. Certain services may be contingent on the selection of others, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Implement Conditional Logic: Utilize conditions to dynamically display or hide certain items based on user selections, enhancing customization.

Examples and Use Cases of Service Catalog Order Guides

  1. Onboarding and Offboarding Processes:
    • Example: An HR Order Guide streamlines the onboarding of new employees, including tasks like account setup, equipment allocation, and training.
  2. IT Equipment Procurement:
    • Example: A procurement Order Guide enables users to request specific hardware or software, with options for configuration and delivery preferences.
  3. Facilities Management Requests:
    • Example: A facilities services Order Guide allows users to request maintenance, cleaning, or space allocation, with options for specifying location and urgency.
  4. Software Development Requests:
    • Example: An Order Guide for developers could include steps for requesting code reviews, testing environments, and deployment to production.
  5. Project Initiation and Management:
    • Example: An Order Guide for project managers can facilitate the initiation of new projects, including resource allocation, task assignments, and milestone setting.

Conclusion: Elevating Service Catalog Efficiency

As a ServiceNow Solution Architect, harnessing the potential of Order Guides is paramount to enhancing Service Catalog efficiency. By intelligently organizing and utilizing Order Guides, you empower users to seamlessly navigate complex request processes, ultimately driving productivity and user satisfaction to new heights.

Resources for Service Catalog Order Guides

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