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Optimizing your telecommuting office for peak efficiency

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Optimizing your telecommuting office for peak efficiency

What is your biggest challenge for telecommuting? I have heard others say its difficult to manage themselves to do the work and remain control their work and life balance scheduling. For me the biggest challenge is not making work a priority so much, as remembering self care. I love my work and love to do it so much, its hard to stop and …. live.

An inviting office space to work from, with great organization is helpful. Here are tips for setting yourself up for Telecommuting efficiency.

Home Office Set up

Start with a good working area. I purchased a very affordable Parson’s Desk from Walmart to tuck into a corner for a quiet office get away. As I work many hours, I gave up my office that used to be above the kids room, as my working would wake them. I moved into my bedroom , which meant managing background optics a bit.

The basic office workspace needs I identified were a KVM switch I needed to be able to run multiple laptops concurrently, so I looked at quality KVMs. A KVM switch (keyboard, video and mouse switch) is a hardware device that allows a user to control multiple computers from one or more sets of keyboards, video monitors, and mice. That is so much better than trying to find space for a few more monitors and keyboards and mouse.

On the Road, Onsite, or Client Mobile Office Set Up

Well organized mobile office starts with a roomy quality Laptop Bag. After a year of hauling a backback or shoulder bag, I upgraded to a Wheeled Laptop Carry-on style bag. Better for travel, stores all you need and rolls or carries. in a conference room with lots of wheeled black backs and backpacks, I prefer something with a bit more flair.

What do you need in addition to your laptop?

Here are some useful Office Supplies to add to your Mobile Office Bag. Keep it stocked and ready to go, so you can always count on having what you need. You might not need everything, but here are some things to consider.

  • (2) One for Home, One For Business/Mobile: Adapt a digital environmental friendly approach to smart tradition note taking check these out:
    • Rocketbook Wave are awesome for faster digital age sharing and eco friendly notetaking.
    • Moleskine
Office Supplies
  • Note Taking Supplies: Notebook, pens, paper. For Business Mobile
  • Calendar if you need it. GoogleCalendar is useful and free.
  • Basics Office Supplies a stocked office desk might need- staples, scissors, post its, mechanical pencils, pens, erasers.
  • Phone Charger Cable
  • Small First Aid Kit

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