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2021: VP Harris Inauguration Elevates Diversity and Executive Leadership

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2021: VP Harris Inauguration Elevates Diversity and Executive Leadership

We do not only dream. We Do. We not only see what has been. We see what can be.

We shoot for the moon, and then we plant are flag on it. We are fearless and ambitious.

American Aspiration is what drove the women of history.. to claim freedoms that had never been written before.

~Vice-President Kamala Harris Inauguration Special

I have watched with joy, as the World celebrates the USA leadership in Diversity with the United States of America Inauguration of President Joe Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Let us not stop at the moment of inauguration in January. Let us celebrate 2021 as the year of elevating Diversity and Executive Leadership. In a world filled with challenges due to covid, unrest, unemployment, and crisis, it is collaboration, ideas and a diversity of leadership that will emerge our world’s recovery. What must we do differently to lead with courage, to accelerate advancements, healing, and our world economy?

When she was the first African/Asian and Woman Attorney General in California, she shared in an address.

“When we break barriers, we are not doing this because we are trying to be the first. We are doing this because we know we are the best to do the job. We have different experiences as a woman than a man. It is absolutely important for a relevant decision, it will be the product of a conversation that debates all of the important impacts. That is why women need a place at the table.”

~Kamala Harris as Attorney General in California

CEO Magazine covered: 5 Inspiring Lessons of Leadership to learn from Kamala Harris

  1. It Takes a Village
  2. Be The Change
  3. Be Driven By Purpose
  4. Don’t Forget Your Roots
  5. True Leadership

Readers are Leaders

Vice President Kamal Harris Reading List

As a Professional Woman Leader, I study, and stay connected we help one another to be our best, and to share the best practices that emerge our best selves. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by innovators, educators, and entrepreneurs unafraid to make a difference.


Executive women network, they connect to one another, for inspiration, encouragement, and discovering new possibilities in business and life.

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Executive Women’s Network is a group that celebrates Global Executive Women in Leadership Roles.

  • We share strategies, wins and executive women success stories.
  • We have held women in business events online to share career strategies.
  • We share job leads and career advise.

Executive Women’s Accessories

Kamala Harris Signature Fashion

Elle magazine featured: Kamala Harris’ Style: It’s All Power Pearls And ‘Pantsuits’ . In General, Kamala Harris Fashion is a business savy look often in navy, blue, black, white and cream. Wardrobe Staples include:

Quick peak into of her favorite designers for the most memorable moments representing the signature style of her professional career?

Kamala Harris’s Designers of Choice

Women’s Executive Office Picks

Covid 19 Women’s Fashion Masks

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“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”

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