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World Talent Economy Forum on Global Competitiveness

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World Talent Economy Forum on Global Competitiveness

18 March, 2021 World Talent Economy Forum PANEL:
Global Economic Competitive Canvas

More small business and intercountry partnership is needed as learned from COVID in Supply Chain Economics, Medical Pandemic Crisis Management, Jobs Creation, Critical Immunization Supplies distribution, and Encouraging innovation.

Large Corporation “world dominance” continues. Amazon and Ali Baba has opened market place for expansive distribution channels. Chinese companies are using this distribution mechanism and innovating to deliver compelling services locally.

Small Business Needs to find a pivot to continue in today’s economy

Technology is growing exponentially, make it easier to compete. However super corporations are buying or acquiring these small business dreams. When a big corporation gobbles up the small business, they made a little money, but strive to recognize the “dream”.

How are companies pivoting to make tough decisions to stay successful in a difficult economy. We need to think locally, “buying local” to support local small business. But we also need to be reach out at a global scale.

A 30 year Hardware Store brand in rural brand has digitally transformed their supply chain and is launching an Omnichannel experience. It is pleasing to see that Digital Bangladesh has advanced enough to sustain this for business owners, to create opportunity, and sustain the local supply chain.

Durham’s Zimbabwean Restaurant Zweli’s Might Be the Only One in the USA in Durham North Carolina, celebrating its rich culture. Featured at debates, to bring products worldwide. This is opportunity where as Marc discussed, through finding an agile pivot, Local Products suffering from COVID, can transform their business model and bring services to the world.

Gender Equity and Hiring Parity for Global Competitiveness

Women are underrepresented in the world scale at the C Level and in Government Policy. Global Competitiveness needs to insure a balance of equity. We do not want a man trying to create policy and government for women’s issues.


COVID as a global pandemic has in some ways affected innovation and environmental protections for the better. We are driving less, not going to work. We are ordering product from InstaCart for groceries, DoorDash for dinner, and Amazon, AliBaba or online delivery instead of brick and mortar stores. Less cars on the road is less wear and tear on our infrastructure, less air pollution.

The World Economic Forum correctly explored the critical need to embrace clean, renewable energy and transport. The coronavirus pandemic has made it clearer than ever that human and planetary health are intimately interconnected..

Success is not MORE technology it is LESS air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and better environmental, social and health management for future pandemics.

Managed Healthcare

Needs better global sharing of medical recovery detail. Medical records and privacy policy are both ineffective where they need to be very effective. Keeping patient data secure, and patient recovery options easily networked.


AI should enable human decisions for better living. It should fortify our way of doing business. We need to break down the national siloes, promote innovation, encourage youth ideation, and get better on collaboration.

Forbes recently highlighted why ethical AI is our strongest global weapon in Data Privacy Wars. While we are embracing or fearing AI, the greater fear is our own human error. We must invest in good cyber security practice, this is a greater risk in COVID Flex Work. One recent example was VERKATA: A SINGLE USERs WEAK PASSWORD EXPOSED 150K HIGHLY SENSITIVE CLIENT, GOVERNMENT, and PRIVATE MEDICAL/MENTAL HEALTH VIDEOS


For us to elevate global competitiveness, we must take a Transformation Mindset to a higher level of participation, collaboration, ideation, and innovation. Intergovernmental Global Communities must collaborate on initiatives that solve big and meaningful problems.

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