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Vulnerability Response Test Plan

Vulnerability Response Test Plan for ServiceNow SecOps Security Manager
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Vulnerability Response Test Plan

Vulnerability Response Test Plan follows a structured approach, leveraging relevant personas and various test types, presents a comprehensive assessment of the ServiceNow Vulnerability Response module’s readiness for implementation.

Vulnerability Response helps IT and Security partner to reduce vulnerability. It is typical to see a 40-60% reduction in time to remediate vulnerability response that were done manually via email and spreadsheets.

Using AutomatePro on ServiceNow, to automate testing makes it easy for new users to follow step-by-step testing and persona requirements, facilitating the roll-out process. Successful tests transition seamlessly into documentation, resulting in elegant user guides, knowledge articles, and even guided tours. This method ensures thorough validation while providing clear, actionable insights for new users.

Automate Pro Development Story: Set Up Test Personas for Vulnerability Response

User Story

As a ServiceNow Process Owner of the SecOps Vulnerability Response module, I want to set up VR Test Personas for using AutomatePro in my ServiceNow Test Cases, ranging from Unit Tests to Regression Tests.

Acceptance Criteria

I will know this is done when I can validate that the AutomatePro system contains all the necessary Test Personas required to perform end-to-end testing using model blocks of each persona type to simplify and speed up testing.

TEST READINESS TASKS for Vulnerability Response Test Plan

Define Test Personas

First, identify the key roles involved in the Vulnerability Response process. Then, request AutomatePro Support meticulously create detailed profiles for each persona, including their responsibilities and access rights.

Vulnerability Response Test Plan Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Vulnerability Response Manager
  2. Vulnerability Analyst
  3. Security Incident Manager
  4. IT Operations Manager
  5. Configuration Manager
  6. Application Owner
  7. Change Manager
  8. ServiceNow Administrator

Test Types and Personas

Test TypeTestPersonaOutcome
Unit TestValidate individual componentsServiceNow AdministratorEnsure each component functions as intended
Test VR rule setupVulnerability Response ManagerVerify rules trigger appropriately
Validate CMDB integrationsConfiguration ManagerConfirm accurate data integration from CMDB
Functional TestAssess specific featuresVulnerability AnalystEnsure features like vulnerability grouping, task creation, and notifications work
Test automated workflowsServiceNow AdministratorConfirm workflows trigger and complete as expected
Validate role-based access control (RBAC)Security Incident ManagerEnsure proper access controls and permissions are applied
QA TestEnd-to-end process validationIT Operations ManagerVerify the complete process from detection to resolution functions smoothly
Assess SLA adherenceApplication OwnerEnsure SLAs are being tracked and met according to policy
Test integration with other ServiceNow modulesConfiguration ManagerConfirm smooth integration with modules like Incident Management and Change Management
UAT TestUser acceptance testingVulnerability Response ManagerValidate system meets business requirements and is ready for deployment
Simulate real-world scenariosChange ManagerEnsure the system performs well under typical usage conditions
Validate reporting and dashboardsApplication OwnerConfirm accuracy and relevance of reports and dashboards for stakeholders

Integrate Personas into Test Cases

First, configure AutomatePro to include the defined Test Personas. Next, develop Unit Test cases that incorporate each persona’s specific actions and validations. Subsequently, create Functional Test cases to ensure individual features function correctly with the respective personas. Furthermore, design QA Test cases to validate end-to-end processes, involving multiple personas in coordinated workflows. Finally, establish UAT Test cases to simulate real-world scenarios, leveraging the defined personas to mirror actual user behavior.

Validate Persona Setup

Initially, review the AutomatePro configuration to confirm all Test Personas are correctly set up. Next, execute a series of test runs to ensure each persona can perform their designated actions without errors. Additionally, check that the model blocks for each persona type function as intended to streamline the testing process.

Document Testing Procedures

First, compile detailed user guides explaining the setup and usage of Test Personas in AutomatePro. Then, create knowledge articles and guided tours to assist new users in understanding and utilizing the testing framework.


To validate the completion of this story:

First, confirm the presence of all necessary Test Personas in the AutomatePro system. Next, ensure that each persona can be selected and used in Unit, Functional, QA, and UAT Test cases. Additionally, verify that model blocks for each persona type are operational, simplifying and speeding up the testing process. Furthermore, review test execution logs to ensure no errors are encountered during persona-based tests. Finally, gather feedback from initial users to confirm that the setup meets their testing needs and simplifies the testing process.

Resources for Vulnerability Response

CyberFraud Prevention, Vulnerability Risk and Security Operations Best Practices https://www.linkedin.com/groups/

CyberFraud Prevention, Vulnerability Risk and Security Operations Best

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