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Does Post Covid Demand, “Evolve or Fold” Data Strategy?

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Does Post Covid Demand, “Evolve or Fold” Data Strategy?

A well structured data driven decision making system, then they are using and improving data with use. Post Covid workflows demand improving ready reference for Service Asset and Configuration Management.

A new day, workflow, resource strategy and service model have emerged in Post Covid Service Asset and Configuration and Change Management. Have we reached the point of no return, where the Enterprise must evolve or fold? Asset management deals with demands from logistics of service assets like changing ownership, physical movements, commissions, decommissions, disposals and all of this at a faster rate than prior.

Configuration management works closely with the design architecture of services creating a service oriented reference architecture between configuration items (CI) vital to informed business and data driven decision making.

This Video assumes a basic familiarity of Configuration Management Database and provides starter tips for Starting where you are and improving over time.

  • Evolution of Service Continuity and IT Business Management
    • Critical IT Business Functions Incident, Problem, Change, Release, Configuration, Service Level and Financial Management.
    • Evolution of ITSM from Y2K, to SOX identifying CIs for CMDB, identifying Service Asset and Configuration management for Madoff Securities and Exchange recovery, to ITIL 4 oriented Post Covid Recovery demanding rapid improvement.
  • Common Services Data Model (CSDM)
    • People, Process and Technology Guidance for recognizing value from CMDB and SACM.
  • Service Asset Configuration Management (SACM)
    • Capability Maturity Model from Level 1 Cart before the horse to Level 5 Team Asset and Configuration Management.
  • Configuration Management Database
    • Strategy
    • CMDB Discovery
    • Approach to Data in the clouds or hybrid model.
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