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AI: Knowledge Centered Support

Unleashing the power of AI
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AI: Knowledge Centered Support

AI: Knowledge Centered Support Event with itSMF

itSMF brings Unleashing the Power of AI: Thursday July 12, 2023 1:00 PM EST, Noon CST, 10:00 AM PST. We are seeking a few more panelist to show and tell a bit about how they are making the future of AI with Knowledge Centered Support a reality with serious Customer Experience Value!

The future of Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) with AI, Predictive Intelligence, NLP, and Chat GPT is filled with great promise, offering the potential to deliver relevant information to customers and enhance Service Management Operations.

By leveraging these cutting-edge technologies, organizations can optimize their support processes, ensuring precise and timely assistance.

The integration of AI, Predictive Intelligence, NLP, and Chat GPT in KCS brings about a revolution in customer interaction, addressing their needs more effectively.

Embrace Knowledge Centered Support, where AI, Predictive Intelligence, NLP, and Chat GPT converge, empowering service and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Unlocking the potential of AI ChatGPT

Distinguished as the winner of the 2023 Bay Area EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® for Innovation in Generative AI, Dr. Sudhakar Muddu, CEO/Co-Founder of Aisera, has earned recognition for his exceptional contributions to the field.

Embracing the safe use of AI-The buzz surrounding ChatGPT is substantial, with notable accolades and inherent risks. It is imperative for the Service Management Community to embrace the secure utilization of AI-powered knowledge.

Service Management Agents leverage OpenAI’s ChatGPT for chatbots and text summarization. Additionally, powerful language models like GPT-3 have potential to revolutionize science, society, and AI itself, with text summarization, chatbots, search, and code generation.

Stanford University anticipates that future models will undergo training with diverse data modalities, encompassing images, audio recordings, videos, and more. This expansion of training data will significantly enhance the language capabilities of these models.

Empower CX with Natural Language Processing

Organizations utilize (NLP) to analyze customer sentiment, feedback, and behavior, thereby optimizing support processes to deliver precise and tailored assistance.

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global NLP market is projected to experience substantial growth, with an impressive 24.6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) and a market size expected to reach $112.28 billion by 2030.

Maintain a competitive edge in customer support by embracing industry-leading NLP Knowledge Solutions from renowned providers such as CloudFabrix, Espressive Barista , Google, IBM Intel, Microsoft, MoveWorks, and ServiceNow.

Transforming Knowledge with Predictive Intelligence

Gartner predicts 75% of organizations will invest in predictive intelligence and analytics. Embracing machine learning-powered KCS allows analyzing data at scale for valuable insights.

Predictive intelligence enables accurate forecasting of customer behavior, fraud detection, and process optimization. Integrating it into KCS ensures precise and relevant customer information.

Forrester’s study shows organizations with predictive intelligence analytics experience 2.9 times higher customer lifetime value.

Taking the lead in predictive analytics are IBM Watson, Salesforce Einstein Analytics, SAS, Google Cloud AI with AutoML, and ServiceNow .

AI: Knowledge Centered Support Learn more in our best practice communities for Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Fraud,

Power of Community: Collaborating Across Networks

In our interconnected world, communities are thriving as hubs for knowledge exchange and collaboration. Within these communities, diverse networks are shaping various domains.

Business Best Networking

Artificial Intelligence: Fueling Innovation and Discovery AI network unites professionals and enthusiasts to explore the frontiers of artificial intelligence. Collaborative sharing, members leverage AI’s capabilities, pushing boundaries, unlocking possibilities, and revolutionizing industries.

CyberFraud/InfoSec Network: Safeguarding Digital Ecosystems Combatting cybercrime, this network shares knowledge and strategies. Collaboration and staying updated on security practices contribute to safeguarding digital ecosystems and protecting individuals and organizations.

itSMF USAIL & CA Networks: Enhancing IT Service Management Advancing IT Service Management practices and standards, this network collaborates, shares insights, and addresses challenges. Elevating ITSM maturity ensures efficient and effective service delivery.

Human Resources and Global Recruiting Network: Connecting Talent with Opportunities Facilitating HR and Staffing Industry connections on the industry best practices. This is a closed network for the Staffing and Recruiting Industry to share HR Service Delivery best practices and advance the HR Profession.

Career and Professional Skills

Executive Women Network: Empowering Female Leaders Aspiring and established female leaders join forces, supporting each other’s growth. Through mentorship, knowledge sharing, and networking, members inspire and promote gender diversity in leadership.

Jobs n Career Success Network: Navigating Professional Growth This network provides a platform to navigate career paths, gain industry insights, and access resources for personal and professional development. Empowering each other, members achieve career success through mentorship and knowledge exchange.

Creating Peace at Work: Fostering Harmonious Environments this article shares positive work ideas towards inclusive workplaces, resolving conflicts peacefully for productivity and well-being.

As these networks intertwine, collaboration and shared knowledge pave the way for innovation, growth, and collective success. Together, these communities forge a brighter and more interconnected future.

AI: Knowledge Centered Support. Dawn C Simmons is an SME in ITSM.  Vice President, Chicago Chapter IT Service Management Forum.

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