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Dawn C. Simmons is a highly experienced Digital Business Transformation professional with IT Service Management and Business Process Improvement.


With over 20 years of industry experience, service in communities of best practices in HDIitSMF in addition to hosting Global HR, and Artificial Intelligence Communities.

She has worked extensively across the ServiceNow ecosystem helping Government, Healthcare IT, and Global Fortune 500 companies’ operational excellence.

In her previous role at Sun Microsystems, Dawn managed the Enterprise Resolution Center Global Program Management Office, overseeing strategic Service Management and Operations Initiatives.


Successful project completed


Years of Servicenow experience


Years of ITSM & Process Improvement Experience

Over 100+ companies globally with a strong commitment to innovation and continuous improvement..

Thirdera- an Elite ServiceNow partner
Kaiser Permanente
The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
JIT -A pure play ServiceNow Elite Partner

Discover the power of Service Excellence

Technology is fast, and our commitment to staying informed and actively participating enables cutting-edge solutions and innovative service solutions.


Defining a tailored approach to road mapping your Service Operations and Service Management Experience.

We help develop your approach to Service Management Centers of Excellence inspires developing the people, technology and tools that recognizes the pinnacle of quality and performance in IT Service Management (ITSM).


Collaborating in helping companies recognize the power of how ServiceNow.

Experience to meet teams where they are and streamline the way work is done to deliver exceptional services and experiences to their employees and customers.


From where you are, to where you aspire to be!

Success in digital transformation requires awakening the business process that already exists within your organization. The pursuit of excellence begins with a positive call to action and improvement.


Change is constant and sometimes disruptive. In the race to deliver, keeping the idea that people are our greatest resource, helps focus on outcomes.

OCM is vital to the people aspects of change, encouraging employee engagement and acceptance, reduces resistance, ensures effective communication, supports skill development, enables sustainable change, and helping implement change successfully and achieve desired outcomes.,


We help create define, measure, analyze, and improving your cyberfraud business process prevention and information security position.

Helping individuals and organizations understand, navigate Security Incident Response, improve Vulnerability Response, and reduce the attack vectors for Cyber Fraud due to weaknesses in people, process, or tools.


Unlocking the Power of Healthcare IT: Revolutionizing Post Pandemic Business and Healthcare, through Effective Management

Help individuals and organizations understand how to employ the powers of predictive analytics, intelligence, knowledge, and continuous service improvement to improve Healthcare IT Operational Efficiency, to enable the Healthcare industry who depends upon always up, uber reliable service.


Elevating Human Resource Operations: Unleashing the Potential of Service Enablement

From attracting to retaining talent, the employee experience is pivotal in driving business value. It takes more than traditional HR practices to achieve this.

We provide community networks and best practices, connecting talent managers with exceptional jobseekers through our outplacement resource centers. Our aim is to help organizations create compelling employee portals that streamline onboarding and foster a stronger connection to the company's mission.

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Our Subject Matter Experts are your Business Advantage!

Driving success through expertise and passion

Our connectivity one to another, creates a superior service advantage.

We are the idea makers and thought leaders, looking for opportunity to continuously advance client capabilities and recognize new ideas for “better” experiences.

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"As idea makers and thought leaders, let us encourage explore and inspire one another. For it is our connectivity, one to another, that creates prosperity and inspires greatness. ."

Dawn C Simmons

Global Business Process Architect

Take a look at our articles & resources

Take a look at our articles & resources

Dawn C. Simmons blog covers technology, education, entertainment, social media, and professional development.

  • We explore the evolution of Artificial Intelligence, Cybercrime prevention, Digital Transformation, and the power of ServiceNow for organizational growth.
  • Discover captivating stories about movies, music, the Olympics.
  • Explore Lifestyles post-pandemic health topics for recovery and balance.
  • Expand your knowledge, refine skills, and thrive in the digital world.
  • Whether you’re an AI enthusiast, cybersecurity warrior, or a business professional, join us for valuable resources in personal and professional development.

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5.0 Rated


I enjoyed collaborating with Dawn Simmons (Khan) in the SPARC Portal business transformation program at Gilead Sciences.

She was an excellent technical program manager and business partner who collaborates across business complexity and ensured that Gilead present and future, strategic business objectives are met.

Dawns technical program management oversaw design and solution architecture functions while maintaining partner rapport in a fast-paced dynamic enterprise environment.

I wish her the best in her current and future endeavors.

Raj Chock

Raj Chock

4.8 Rated


I have had the pleasure to work with Dawn for close 10 years at Sun Microsystems. And our pofessional paths crossed again while working at Kaiser Permanente IT.

We have spent and collaborated on countless programs, projects and initiatives both at strategic and tactical levels over several years.

Dawn can always be counted on to bring a unique, pragmatic perspective on Industry Best-Practices when it comes IT Service Management, Organizational Change Management, Process Design and Transformation, Operational Improvements, Governance or Program Management engagements.

She is a natural collaborator with a grounded, empathetic persona that lends itself to building highly effective communities of people both professionally and outside of work.

I’d highly recommend Dawn and look forward to collaborating with her again, when chance presents itself because she knows how to push the envelope and move the needle by helping solve complex strategic and operational problems.

Sameer Malhotra


4.9 Rated


Dawn is able to quickly assess the needs of a project and break it into managable, achievable parts.

Dawn’s ability to network and work with all personalities facilitates the influencing of all key stakeholders to ensure the success of the project.


5.0 Rated


I’ve worked with Dawn for past several years and she has been a role model for me.

She is one of the few people in the organization that has a excellent knowledge about Support Readiness.

 “Solution provider” – that can summarize how good she knows the business.

She is GREAT to work with.


5.0 Rated


Dawn has an incredible passion for what she does. She is forward thinking and results oriented. Dawn can be counted on to get the job done.

Her ideas are well thought out and refreshing.

She cares deeply for everyone and everything she works with/on. Her work with the Helping Friends Network has such positive impact on people worldwide.



5.0 Rated


Dawn is the Command-In-Chief when it comes to the Change Management process within ServiceNow.

From documentation, handling of approvals, getting different teams together on one call, process refinement, training, exceptions and audits, she has covered it all. 

Her speed and relentless focus makes her such an asset to any organization that needs ‘change’. Dawn has been a long time veteran of the industry and just gets better every year. 

Thank you for your exceptional work ethics and collaboration Dawn.

Kersi Daruwalla


5.0 Rated


Dawn Mular is providing an invaluable service to the professional Helpdesk and Service Management community in Colorado.

It takes time and dedication to support the HDI presence and ensure that their members continue to gain experience and education as a core part of their time investment in the chapter.

Dawn has turned a difficult situation into an evolving success story


4.9 Rated


Dawn has demonstrated exemplary leadership in the Support Services industry through her incredible efforts managing the HDI Denver Local Chapter.

She is a seasoned management practitioner that understands service management concepts extremely well.