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ROI: Demand AI Service Management

Artificial intelligence, predictive intelligence, and ChatGPT are playing a significant role in enhancing Major Incident Communications. These technologies bring several benefits and improvements to the process, including: Faster incident response: With the help of artificial intelligence and predictive intelligence, major incidents can be detected and assessed more quickly. AI algorithms can analyze various data sources, detect patterns, and identify potential incidents before they escalate. This enables faster response times and reduces the impact of incidents. Automated incident notifications: AI-powered systems can automatically generate and send incident notifications to the relevant stakeholders. These notifications can be customized based on the severity and type of incident, ensuring that the right information reaches the appropriate individuals or teams in a timely manner. Real-time incident updates: AI technologies enable real-time incident updates by monitoring and analyzing data from various sources, including monitoring tools, log files, and social media. This allows incident communication teams to have up-to-date information about the incident, which can be shared with stakeholders through communication channels such as chatbots, emails, or mobile notifications. Natural language processing: ChatGPT, a conversational AI model, can understand and generate human-like responses, making it valuable in major incident communications. It can assist in answering common questions, providing status updates, and offering guidance to affected individuals or teams. ChatGPT can help alleviate the communication workload and provide consistent and accurate information during critical incidents. Sentiment analysis: AI-powered sentiment analysis can gauge the emotional tone of communications related to major incidents. This helps incident communication teams understand the impact of the incident on affected individuals or teams and tailor their communication accordingly. By identifying and addressing concerns or frustrations promptly, they can better manage the overall incident response and maintain stakeholder satisfaction. Knowledge base management: AI technologies can assist in maintaining and updating a comprehensive knowledge base for major incident communications. By analyzing incident-related data, AI algorithms can identify relevant articles, documentation, or resolutions, making it easier for incident communication teams to access accurate and up-to-date information when responding to incidents. Overall, artificial intelligence, predictive intelligence, and ChatGPT offer significant improvements in major incident communications by providing faster incident detection, automated notifications, real-time updates, natural language processing capabilities, sentiment analysis, and knowledge base management. These technologies enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness of incident response, helping organizations minimize the impact of major incidents and improve stakeholder communication.
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ROI: Demand AI Service Management

Maximizing ROI: Emergent Demand for AI Service Management. AI is actively reshaping mainstream healthcare, legal and Federal Government.

Make no mistake Artificial Intelligence is not taking jobs, so much as creating value, that ties mainstream governance, risk, compliance and service management skills, creating new demands for service, and how to leverage Artificial Intelligence to accelerate continuous business improvement and data driven decision making.

Join us Thursday, where we will have a use case demonstration of how AI is being used in mainstream service management, and be part of the discussion, and journey towards understanding where the opportunities and business cases are mainstream here, and now!

📢 Join us for itSMF’s Unleashing the Power of AI for CX & Knowledge Centered Support event, featuring Dr. Sreenivasan Narayanan from Nous Infosystems! Witness how enterprises leverage AI in mainstream Federal Government, Legal, and Healthcare sectors. Don’t miss this opportunity!

🗓️ Date: Thu, Jul 13, 2023
⏰ Time: 1:00-2:00 PM EST / 12:00-1:00 PM CST / 10:00-11:00 AM PST
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🔥 Experience the demo and witness real-world AI applications in service management across sectors.

💰 Discover the ROI of AI in service management and gain valuable insights from industry experts.

🌟 Join the discussion and share your AI success stories, insights, and experiences.

📣 Post-meeting networking on Chicago ITSMF:  https://lnkd.in/g-AFGhwQ

Connect with experts, shape the future of AI-powered service management, and mark your calendar for this game-changing event. Stay tuned for further updates and registration details. See you there! 👋🎉

ROI: Demand AI Service Management 
 Unleashing the power of AI
Calendar of Upcoming Events: https://lnkd.in/g2fX86VF

Career Outlook: ROI: Demand AI Service Management

AI technology has advanced integration and use cases in delivering compelling enterprise business capabilities. Organizations recognize AI’s potential for enhancing service management, leading to a higher demand for professionals proficient in leveraging AI technologies. Accenture Source: CxO Pulse Survey of 2,300+ C-suite executives, June 2023 provides great insights into the Present focus on Generative AI.

  • 97% of Executives expect generative AI to be transformative to their company and industry.
  • 95% of are increasing % of Revenue Commitments to Generative AI initiatives.
  • Ethical considerations: Understanding AI’s ethical implications and implementing responsible AI practices are vital for professionals in the field.

Maximizing ROI: Emergent Demand for Service Management Demand- In healthcare:

  • Medical Diagnosis: AI analyzes data to diagnose diseases accurately.
  • Virtual Nursing Assistants: AI-powered assistants provide personalized care and answer medical questions.
  • Predictive Analytics: AI predicts patient outcomes and optimizes resource allocation.
  • Robotics Process Automation: AI automates administrative tasks, streamlining healthcare management.
  • Chatbots for Patient Support: AI chatbots handle patient inquiries, offer health information, and schedule appointments.

Maximizing ROI: Emergent Demand for Service Management Demand- In legal:

  • Legal Research: AI analyzes legal documents, saving time and improving research efficiency.
  • Document Analysis and Contract Management: AI reviews contracts, extracts information, and ensures compliance.
  • E-Discovery: AI identifies relevant information in electronic data for legal cases.
  • Legal Chatbots: AI-powered chatbots interact with clients, provide basic legal advice, and fill out forms.
  • Predictive Analytics for Case Outcomes: AI predicts success in legal proceedings using historical data.

Maximizing ROI: Emergent Demand for Service Management Demand- In government:

The US government is mainstream in adoption of AI in various ways to manage services. For example, the Office of the Under Secretary for Management uses AI technologies within the Department of State to advance traditional diplomatic activities, applying machine learning to internal information technology and management consultant functions. Government agencies are looking to AI to deliver better services while also reducing waste, preventing fraud, and improving citizen engagement.

  • Chatbots for Citizen Services: AI chatbots handle inquiries and assist with form filling.
  • Fraud Detection: AI analyzes datasets to detect fraudulent activities in government programs.
  • Data Analytics for Resource Allocation: AI optimizes resource allocation in healthcare, education, and transportation.
  • Intelligent Traffic Management: AI analyzes traffic patterns and optimizes signal timings.
  • Emergency Response and Disaster Management: AI analyzes data to provide real-time information and coordinate disaster response.

Power of Community: Collaborating Across Networks

In our interconnected world, communities are thriving as hubs for knowledge exchange and collaboration. Within these communities, diverse networks are shaping various domains.

Business Best Networking

Artificial Intelligence: Fueling Innovation and Discovery AI network unites professionals and enthusiasts to explore the frontiers of artificial intelligence. Collaborative sharing, members leverage AI’s capabilities, pushing boundaries, unlocking possibilities, and revolutionizing industries.

CyberFraud/InfoSec Network: Safeguarding Digital Ecosystems Combatting cybercrime, security practices, and safeguarding digital ecosystems and protecting individuals and organizations.

Human Resources and Global Recruiting Network: Connecting Talent with Opportunities Facilitating HR and Staffing Industry connections on the industry best practices.

Career and Professional Skills

Executive Women Network: Empowering Female Leadership.

Jobs n Career Success Network: Navigating Professional Growth

AI: Knowledge Centered Support. Dawn C Simmons is an SME in ITSM.  Vice President, Chicago Chapter IT Service Management Forum.

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