ServiceNow Digital Workforce Challenge

ServiceNow Digital Workforce Challenge

ServiceNow collaborated with MIT Solveto deliver a global competition that was meant to inspire innovation, crowdsource solutions, and encourage the world to partcipate in creating the 21st century workforce of the future.

  • MIT Solve is a marketplace of social impact innovation with a mission to solve world challenges.
  • ServiceNow is a company with an effervescent corporate culture making it an inspired cornerstone for embrascing technology through successful digital transformation initiatives
How can underserved population have access to opportunity and fully participate in digitally literate solutions of the future?

The goal was to find and nurture innovative, scalable, and sustainable solutions to provide digital skills training for marginalized and underserved populations.

ServiceNow’s Digital Workforce Challenge objective was ideation to ensure that underserved populations across the world, have access to opportunity to fully participate in the technology-enabled and digitally literate workforce of the future.

“ServiceNow believes that technology should be in the service of people, which is why we created the Digital Workforce Challenge to recognize entrepreneurship that fosters a more inclusive and digitally literate workforce of the future”  

Kathy Mulvany, Head of Global Impact at ServiceNow

Digital Solutions have the power to change lives. The winning solutions have the power to improve the rich diversity of technology solutions. Worldwide people are being given the opportunity to compete on a global scale, and rewards their development skills for empowering ways to do things differently with the right resources.

MIT Solve has partnered with over 300 industry leaders and social entrpreneures, like this event. They have created $25 million in funding commitments to meaningful change worldwide.

THIS Global Inspired competition IS the right resource! THIS IS the right way!!

MIT Solve, was selected as a partner to ServiceNow’s initiative because of their marketplace of proven social impact innovation, to run the Digital Workforce Challenge.

It seems this first initiative was very well received world wide! Over 150 solution submissions were received from over 40 countries around the world. Just a few amazing proposals included:

The winner of the competition would receive US $100,000 in prize funding, skills-based mentorship, and significant media opportunities.

Here is the short lists of Finalists of the Digital Workforce challenge:

That list of participants was incredible, and the best 9 solutions were selected to present their pitch to a panel of judges. Inspire people worldwide to be involved in creating their best future. A remarkable partnership.

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