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Jobs n Career Success- eNews

Jobs n Career Success- eNews

Jobs n Career Success- eNews: Discover expert advice towards career resilience in all times. Gain invaluable insights and implement current proven strategies to catapult your career. Moreover, we take pride in celebrating and nurturing the achievements of our vibrant job-seeking community, who have flourished by mutual support, evolving together into their professional prime.

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Jobs n Career Success- eNews

September 18, 2023: After a difficult 12 months, the current labor market presents a promising landscape for job seekers in general. With a national unemployment rate of just 3.4% in January 2023, akin to pre-pandemic levels, individuals may be inspired to explore relocation for better prospects.

If you hear of jobs in any industry, any region, please share them in our LinkedIn Jobs and Career Success network, helping laid off recruiters and any career professionals find their next great job.

High Profile Layoffs Impacted Several Sectors

Here’s a table summarizing the industries with 15.4 million the greatest layoffs ending in 2022 and leading into the first half of this year:

IndustryLayoffs (in millions)
Professional and Business Services2.12
Trade, Transportation, and Utilities1.46
Leisure and Hospitality1.05
Job Openings and Labor Turnover

These industries were most significantly impacted by high-profile layoffs in 2022.

What does Post Layoff Labor Recovery Look Like

Professional Recruiting and Business Services

Professional and Business Services sector has displayed a resilient recovery. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found robust resurgence with a projected growth rate of 7.3% over the 2021-2031 decade.

The Jobseekers Market has had an impact on the Global Recruiters Workforce. While Jobs are up, many more recruiters are reporting layoffs in our LinkedIn Global Recruiters Community. Pay it forward by helping others who have been laid off via Recruiters Connected Community Caring.

Trade, Transportation, and Utilities Services

Trade, Transportation, and Utilities Services sector has seen fluctuating layoffs by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as ongoing supply chain challenges. These market disruptions can impede this sector’s recovery and restoration process. Recovery in the Trade, Transportation and Utilities sector, will occur in enterprises that have demonstrated resilience and adaptability in overcoming such challenges.

Leisure and Hospitality Market

Leisure and Hospitality Market sector is most impacted by COVID-19 appears to be on a positive recovery trend, should the recent COVID variants stay contained. The labor market according to an Axios study finds recovery is reaching a pre-pandemic normalcy.

Top Hiring Companies

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Member Requests for Knowledge.

Jobs n Career Success Tips

Member Requests for Knowledge.

(1) How can I overcome Age Discrimination in my job search?

(2) My employer is planning layoffs, how can we prepare in the event we are laid off?

(3) What are some strategies I can leverage to improve my career prospects?

(4) How do I negotiate a Work from Home position?

Jobs n Career Success- eNews Market Reports

Statistics on the current state of the Career Professionals in the Market, according a study from Zippia found the following:

  • 40% of Americans have been laid off or terminated from a job at least once.
  • 48% of Americans have layoff anxiety.
  • 28% of Americans have been laid off in the past two years alone.

Best Locations for Tech Jobs n Career Success- eNews

Please note that these cities represent some of the major hubs within each country, and opportunities may also be available in other cities or regions. Additionally, salary ranges are approximate and can vary based on factors such as experience, job role, and location within each city.

CountryCities with Greatest OpportunitiesSalary RangeNotes
AustraliaSydney, MelbourneA$ 84,110 – A$ 110,000Growing tech sector with competitive IT salaries. Monthly expenses and rent higher than in the UK.
BrazilSao PauloR$ 149,736Significant developments in IT. IT specialists earn considerably more than the average wage in Brazil. Lower cost of living compared to the U.S.
CanadaToronto, VancouverCA$ 56,987 – CA$ 125,445Competitive IT job opportunities, especially in AI and fintech. Salaries vary by experience level.
China (Mainland)Beijing, Shanghai 150,000¥ – 300,000¥Vibrant IT sector with numerous opportunities. Salaries vary by city and cost of living.
FranceParis€33,000 – €105,800High-paying job opportunities in IT. Salaries for Information Technology Executives can almost double the average wage.
GermanyBerlin€60,820Attractive opportunities in software development and innovation-focused roles. Salaries above €60,000 considered excellent.
JapanTokyo8 million¥Lucrative IT market, though average salaries are lower than some other countries. Lower cost of living compared to the UK and Europe.
Saudi ArabiaRiyadh240,048 SARActively investing in developing its IT sector. Salaries higher than in some Asian countries, with lower living costs.
SingaporeSingaporeS$ 120,000 – S$ 130,254Major tech hub in Southeast Asia, offering competitive salaries in various IT fields. High cost of living, especially in terms of rent.
SwitzerlandZurichCHF 107,000Competitive salaries, particularly in finance-related roles and emerging fields like cryptography. High cost of living, especially in cities like Zurich.
United KingdomLondon, Manchester£47,231.90 – £86,825Attractive salaries in finance technology, software development, and data science. Salaries vary by region, job title, and experience level.
United StatesAustin, Boulder, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Huntsville, Los Angeles, New York, Raleigh, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, $69,413 – $174,181High-paying IT professions, particularly in Silicon Valley. Salaries vary by state and job title.

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Jobs n Career Success Talent Free Marketplace

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