Recruiters Connected Community Caring

Recruiters Connected Community Caring

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Joining ‘Jobs n Careers network‘ provides a distinct recruiter inside advantage to a free marketplace treasure of skilled professionals. By being part of this community, we create a strong network where members share, collaborate, and everyone wins. Moreover, the Jobs n Careers network is a platform where recruiters can share news, telecommuting resources, and find the perfect talent for their projects.

  • Tap into passive career talent sources, including career coaches and resume writers, to find top talent for hard-to-place jobs.
  • Additionally, active employment resources, such as freelance talent, part-time contract labor, and Corp to Corp job seekers, offer the perfect fit for your team, regardless of your specific needs or budget constraints.
  • Find college internships and recent graduate student employment through our specialty resources.
  • We are also seeking connections with agency contacts who are looking for H1B talent post-layoff

Do the Most Good, by Sharing What and Who you Want to Hire!

With the power of LinkedIn, we extend job prospects to skilled professionals who have been impacted by layoffs. It’s essential to acknowledge that everyone’s contributions are vital, and that’s where Jobs n Career Success plays a pivotal role.

Jobs n Career Success serves as a platform to support communities, church groups, and outsourced placement agencies in making a positive impact on those struggling to find employment. Through our efforts, we have helped thousands of professionals around the world find new opportunities and regain their footing. Let us join forces to make a difference and empower those in need.

When individuals facing critical illness or supporting someone who is, lose their job, it can have severe consequences on their healthcare and treatment, and even their life. That’s why I am a strong advocate for helping people in need and their families. By encouraging you to share job opportunities here, I am confident that together, we can make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most.

~Dawn C Simmons

LinkedIn Member Limits are 30,000 1st degree connections:

Although I am passionate about advancing digital service management and creating career opportunities, complying with LinkedIn’s 30,000 first-degree connection limit requires me to reduce my connections.

Since the 9/11 tragedy, my aim has been to connect recruiters with laid-off professionals. However, to ensure that the business best practice networks remain efficient, I must remove unengaged recruiting first-degree connections who have not utilized connections to laid-off colleagues or supported the Jobs N Career Network.

Thank you for understanding. If you have any questions, please reach out.

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