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May 11 Covid Pandemic Demands and Resources

May 11, 2023 marks the end funding for the Covid-19 pandemic public health emergency the Covid-19 National Emergency and Public Health National Emergency funding with a shift from Federal to Public. The reason the US has intended to shift Covid-19 care to the commercial market is simply due to the fact that Congress has not authorized funding.


As much as we would like this to be reality, a decision to end the COVID-19 Pandemic Public Health Funding, will end the emergency funding of Trillions spent in Covid Relief Money since the pandemic began.

It will not end the present risk COVID still faces on our nation and our world. This decision is being made due to congressional funding, not due to the end of COVID 19 RISK. COVID still killing on average 500 people per day.  

End to Federal Funding won’t End Deaths and Long Covid

How many deaths could have been prevented with a better understanding of those living with Covid or Long Covid?

A question that at least the families of the 500 a month who lost family members from COVID might ask.

An end to US Federal Covid-19 Pandemic Emergency funding but no end to Long Covid’s life threatening implications. This transition will impact on the Covid Long Haul Patient who might need to find new flexibilities for recovery.

Covid deaths in unvaccinated is reducing to Average is 500 daily. 2021, daily Average was 2,477.

Continuing Health and Business Impacts of Covid and Long Covid

Were the USA significantly stabilized, we would start to see a stabilization of Business and Health statistics.

3 years later, nearly 18% of long COVID patients haven’t returned to work

~Linda Lindner Long COVID is having significant impact on the workforce | ROI-NJ

The Center for Disease Control continues to study the impact of Covid Long Haul Patients some of whom have struggled with symptoms for 12 months to – now approaching 3-years need a focus on what recovery looks like.

It is depressing what a number of long Covid patient hear:

  • There is so much we still do not know about Covid
  • Statistics say Covid is only impacting a few weeks, and Long Covid 9 months to a year.
  • A study of “deceased Long Covid Patients” finds …
  • You do not qualify for the Long Covid Study, because you have had it too long.

Long Covid Perspectives and Desired Patient Outcomes

“Longer” Long Covid Patients are marginalized by dominant interest in studying the dead or the “light” long haul examples. The symptoms overwhelming, the medical system un-prepared to deal with it. CDC in partnership with the University of Chicago produced a great toolkit called the How Right Now Campaign to provide resources to help Long Covid Patients, Health Care Providers, and community members to provide sound support for their patients and love one’s who are struggling with the long-term health issues of Long Covid.

Long Covid patients’ desire clear perspective path to recovery, to resume their lives:

  • with less overwhelming symptoms,
  • a clear path to the overwhelming financial burden pf medical recovery with or with out work.
  • overwhelming stress from substantial cognitive disfunction, depression and judgement that you “shouldn’t be there still.
  • trying to learn enough to advocate for themselves, when the health system just does not know what to do.

Long Covid Patient Outcomes Include:

  • Secure Networked Hospital and Healthcare Provider Healthcare Digital Record Sharing
  • More inclusive Learning Long Covid Patient Study focus on Survival attributes of Acute Patients
  • Federal or Privatized solution must recognize Unemployed or Uninsured Long Covid Patients deserve treatment and life sustaining medications
  • The “Patients” are “People”. Be clear on your program objectives and qualifying criteria. Answer your phones or email and be upfront on if your program is “Limited Study”, “Pharmaceutical Sales”, or “Recovery” programs.

Healthcare Providers Leading Long Covid Recovery Programs

US News and World Report article Long Covid Treatments and Recovery

June 22, 2022 by Lisa Esposito was such a wealth of Long Covid Health, Symptoms, Treatments and Recovery.

Healthcare Recovery Hospitals and Clinics

To be in this category nominees must include valid RECOVERY Support from Long Covid. While Research is essential for learning, this section focuses on the key aspects of how to heal or live better with Long Covid.

Livongo Smart Device Backed by Teledoc Medical/Strategy Coaching

I wish more products would follow the Livongo Model to improve health, get current strategies for management, and contextual assistance catered and custom to your needs. Covid has many challenges of symptoms, diet, exercise, medical care, responsive ideas. Two of my biggest challenges with inception of my long Covid journey were Diabetes and Hypertension, and managing the risk of stroke, heart attack or angina that had resulted in hospitalization.

My Type 2 Diabetes challenge began with my diagnosis of Covid. I had hypertension and heart problems before. Livongo was a game changer in my Long Covid statistics in its powerful data driven medical support and coaching for all aspects of Diabetes and Hypertensive Crisis Management.

The modern smart phone integration, and Teledoc support simplify logging, management and coaching. The coaching creates conditions for healthy recovery that includes easier logging, at the moment tips, and health guidance on how to reduce risks and live your best lives!

Livongo provides an essential and often missed bridge between patient, doctor, and emergency medical care. The statistical ranges can automatically notify your care team. You can select preference to get a monitored response call when your numbers are out of normal range.


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What’s YOUR story? What’s working for you?

What companies and healthcare providers are providing most effective recovery focused Long Covid Recovery Programs? Please add comments based upon your experience and celebrate other providers whose services and support are helping Long Covid Patients to manage the complexity of defining what their recovery from Long Covid Looks like.

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