COVID causing Coronary Artery Damage. The Heart of the Matter For Some Long Haulers

COVID causing Coronary Artery Damage. The Heart of the Matter For Some Long Haulers

JUNE 24, 2021 represents 384 days since I presented for NO COVID systems but all classic Stroke or Heart Attack Symptoms. I was shocked on June 3, 2020, with Stroke symptoms that did no damage to my brain, chest pain and left body heaviness that did not result in a heart attack, and sudden diabetes, that by morning became also a diagnosis of COVID positive.

NOT an article I wanted to be writing over a year after my COVID Long Haul Journey began, with my COVID positive test at the hospital for stroke symptoms. As a COVID long hauler, I have tried every strategy to stop energizing a sense of wellness.

COVID 19 is a beast, and the community dremains ill informed saying things like COVID Long Haulers are not sick, they are faking sickness and just grand standing for attention. Arguing the CDC Statistics that demonstrate Covid is MUCH worse statistically than the flu. .

My story is one of thousands. I could not even leave my bedroom for months due to the overwhelming symptoms, and I had to survive some 32 trips to the hospital without health insurance. You can not get a job if you cant breathe, think, work and sit upright. The good news is that over 165 Long Haul Symptoms I had, by June 24, 2021 had health care insurance and was down to a half dozen really serious ones with varying stages of likely resolution:

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