Eye Strain: Modern Sources and Solutions

Eye Strain: Modern Sources and Solutions

There is no substitute for proper medical diagnoses or treatment, as blurred vision could have a number of serious symptoms. Solution 1 before anything, is seek proper medical diagnosis and care as without it, an untreated serious symptom could have worse consequence.

How to Cure Blurry Vision Naturally: What Will and Won’t Work (healthline.com)

My vision problems came with COVID, they likely had a number of sources:

It is taking me longer to get in to see my doctor because of appointment availability around my work schedule.

I will follow Dr Soong’s advise and getting Prescription Computer Glasses for my computer screen and workspace:

Here are some additional solutions I researched that I feel helped.

  1. When Sitting at a computer daily, for long periods, take breaks using the 20-20-20 rule.
  2. Take Omega 3 (salmon, walnuts, flax seed)
  3. Turn a Stand alarm on your Apple Watch to remind you to get some sunshine, give your eyes a break, & body energy
  4. Increase Caretenoid (Vitamin A) nutrient dense foods (I juiced carrots, ate eggs, kale, spinach, and red peppers)
  5. I purchased, and truly love the improved viewing capabilities of the Samsung Curved Monitor

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