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How COVID Ravages The Heart


Many are reporting fatigues ,myocardial damage, arrhythmias, coagulation blood abnormalities, vertigo, cardo fitness, headaches, most are likely to relate to Corona Virus Long Haul Symptoms.

13 months into my COVID 19 journey I celebrated the victory over what I thought was nearing the end of my COVID Journey. I had survived and been to the Emergency Room 45 times. I no longer experienced some 165 symptoms. My blood pressure was under control. The migraines were not as prevalent.

What remained however were a half dozen symptoms that affected my daily well-being. The scariest symptoms were the newest diagnosis of the heart perfusion defect.

What is a Heart Perfusion Defect?

A Myocardial Perfusion Stress Scan is how the Heart Perfusion is assessed. A Heart Perfusion Defect is a problem with the circulation by the heart, supplying blood through tissues. The primary reasons a stress scan may be ordered includes:

  • Chest pain
  • To diagnose coronary artery disease (CAD), (narrowing of the coronary arteries)
  • After a heart attack (myocardial infarction, or MI) to assess heart muscle damage
  • To assess blood flow to areas of the heart muscle after coronary artery bypass surgery, angioplasty, or stent placement

What I know about the conditions leading to this discovery

While waiting for my heart doctor I read. Because of COVID, because of Medical Science, there is much still being learned about how to manage blood and heart related immune complexes due to overall systemic inflammation, and the role that plays in the onset of heart disease. What I KNOW is that I have a weakened immune system due to uncontrolled hypertension the result of which left me with Left Ventricle Hypertrophy (heart damage from Hypertensive crisis). I recovered that completely to where there was no evidence of the damage, however my immune system was weakened and could not fight off the COVID long hauler attack that began June 4, 2020. some key learnings:

  • There is a natural lifestyle approach to healing that can take place in addition to the need for medical intervention.
  • Immune system balance is key to getting ahead of disease, and Covid Long Haul takes a custom path by patient
  • I had evidence of blood related disease by COVID from high white blood cell counts, and present pura pura petichia
  • I have learned that the primary driver of my blood sugar and blood pressure was stress and pain
  • My doctor found a mix of medication that seems to be keeping my blood pressure under control
  • Plant based diet recovered my heart damage and facilitated 85 pound weight loss before COVID, much of the plant based food i ate before, COVID I simply could not tolerate after COVID.
  • Losing weight and exercise would help significantly, if I could figure out how to keep breathing.

What can I control about this diagnosis?

A heart problem of this nature is serious business. I am actively having chest pain, I have left body tingling in my hand and foot, dizziness, headaches, sometimes lower back pain with it, and breathing problems, often with hypertension if it scares me too much. A lot of waiting for Doctors can happen. I spend this time putting the symptoms where they need to be with a technique of identifying what I can control, and trying to calm the worry with actual knowledge or questions on how to get that knowledge when I go see my doctors.

When it comes to vitamins and minerals, how much should you take? Find out the safe limits for recommended daily allowance by consulting with your doctor. Some natural vitamins and supplements may cause adverse reaction or counteract with the medications you are taking.

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covid, covid heart damage, heart, myocardial, Myocardial Perfusion Apical Heart Defect

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covid, covid heart damage, heart, myocardial, Myocardial Perfusion Apical Heart Defect

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