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I’ve got a brand new cloud container, You’ve got a CMDB.

ServiceNow CMDB Tech Talk “From an IT Service Management Oriented point of view, this team lead an amazing approach to CMDB Workshop. Configuration Management Database Workshop- CMDB, Governance, Population, CMDB Journey that was lead by: Steve Emerson Advisory Solution Architect Asset Management. Rico Centeno IT Transformation. Mike Gallagher Advisory Solution Architect. The Forbes Technology Council […]

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ServiceNow Managed Ideation drives Innovation

Encourage ideas that reduces gaps in functionality to improve functionality, capabilities and productivity

The Idea Portal itself centralizes these great ideas to one place to encourage more innovation and best practices that can be used to improve the quality of ideas in one idea.

The community can vote on or elaborate on ideas that offer greatest value.

The Support teams can be more transparent and organized in managing ideas disposition
Support Teams can manage a backlog of functionality that can be done in the future.

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