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Generative AI in ServiceNow-SPM

Generative AI in ServiceNow-SPM - Diginomica Key Note Bill McDermott Knowledge 2024

Generative AI in ServiceNow-SPM opens a new frontier for improving the Value statement for Portfolio Planning offerings. Generative AI was a buzz at Knowledge.

Diginomica covered the Knowledge 24 kick off: “Knowledge ‘24 – ServiceNow brings new generative AI capabilities to its ‘platform of platforms’ With the introduction of generative AI capabilities, ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott believes that further simplicity can be achieved and that there are huge efficiencies to be gained. 

Knowledge ‘24 - ServiceNow brings new generative AI capabilities to its ‘platform of platforms’
~Diginomica: Knowledge 2024 Bill McDermott Keynote

The introduction of Generative AI to Strategic Portfolio Management puts SPM Process Owner’s in the driver’s seat of Innovation. Now Assist for SPM application includes generative AI skills and features that enable product managers to quickly grasp the essence of customer opinions without having to read through every detail.

ServiceNow® Now Assist for Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) application brings the power of generative AI into accelerating demands from Strategic Portfolio Management. Here is an overview of how, and where, Generative Artificial Intelligence is coming into play to solve significant pain points!

The ever-brilliant Chuck Tomasi illuminates the possibilities with his expert inputs on the benefits of generative AI in ServiceNow.

The ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) is a suite in need of some love from our Best Practices and centers of excellence! Generative AI significantly enhances the user experience for key features of SPM. However, it’s crucial to differentiate and present the unique benefits of ServiceNow’s SPM Suite compared to Microsoft Project.

While both are planning tools, the comparison is akin to “piloting a jet” versus “driving a car.” ServiceNow’s SPM Suite offers innovation and enablement features that far surpass the capabilities of Microsoft Project Management Software. Don’t be fooled by their surface similarities; the depth and sophistication of ServiceNow’s SPM Suite provide unparalleled advantages in managing and optimizing strategic portfolios.

While consulting money is abundant for fixing platforms simplified like Project but lacking ServiceNow’s reportability and connectivity, we need a more practical approach to leveraging advanced features.

I’m excited about AI use cases. However, more importantly, we need clarity in the SPM Platform Practice.

Training explains leveraging AI for known features but misses maintaining AI’s value proposition.

AI cannot replace clear, documented business practices. Understanding and implementing these practices is crucial for maximizing AI benefits in our Strategic Portfolio Management Suite.

We know the immense amount of time and energy spent in “grooming,” “aligning,” and “interpreting” demands into actionable solutions. We also understand the frustration of clients and users who wish they could just be heard. Now, with the ServiceNow® Now Assist for Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) application, generative AI transforms these challenges into streamlined processes.

This innovative tool allows teams to effortlessly generate concise summaries from feedback. Consequently, this saves valuable time that was previously spent on manual feedback analysis. The result? Significantly reduced frustration and improved efficiency.

Moreover, by leveraging generative AI skills and the Virtual Agent, users can create and edit demand requests seamlessly. As a result, requesters can quickly submit their requests and prioritize core tasks more efficiently than ever before.

Additionally, Now Assist for Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) is a groundbreaking addition in the Washington DC release. It is designed to streamline and enhance your strategic portfolio management processes, ensuring that your team can focus on what truly matters.

In essence, ServiceNow’s Now Assist for SPM accelerates demand management, turning feedback into actionable solutions with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Generative AI in Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) is a game-changer, making processes faster and more effective, all while being safe. How much team time is wasted in repeating activity and actions and expecting nothing to change?

Generative AI and the Virtual Agent streamline the creation and editing of demand requests. Requesters can submit quickly and prioritize tasks easily.

  • Saves Time: AI generates concise summaries, cutting out manual feedback analysis.
  • Boosts Efficiency: Teams focus on high-priority tasks.
  • Reduces Frustration: Users feel heard as feedback becomes actionable solutions.

AI handles repetitive tasks for framing up demands, so teams can collaborate on more important delivery decisions. This increases speed and reliability without risk.

ServiceNow SPM How- Now Assist BenefitsBenefit to SPM Users
Demand ManagementNow Assist streamlines the creation and editing of demand requests, making it easier for requesters to submit their needs quickly. Consequently, this ensures that demand management processes are faster and more accurate.Rapid submission and prioritization of demands without manual effort.
Feedback AnalysisNow Assist generates concise summaries from user feedback, saving time previously spent on manual analysis. Moreover, this allows teams to focus on implementing actionable solutions derived from user insights.Efficient and effective feedback processing.
Portfolio ManagementBy leveraging AI-driven insights, Now Assist helps in making informed decisions about project prioritization and resource allocation. Additionally, this boosts overall portfolio efficiency and alignment with strategic goals.Improved decision-making and resource management.
Performance AnalyticsAI capabilities in Now Assist enhance performance tracking by providing real-time analytics and summaries. Furthermore, this allows for continuous monitoring and quick adjustments to improve project outcomes.Real-time insights and performance optimization.
Resource Management OptimizationNow Assist aids in the seamless allocation and reallocation of resources based on current demands and project needs. Thus, this ensures optimal use of resources, reducing bottlenecks and delays.Optimal resource utilization and efficiency.
Association of Generative 
Artificial Intelligence  


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agile, ai, artificial intelligence, generative ai, Performance Analytics, Resource Optimization, SPM, Strategic Portfolio Management

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