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ServiceNow World: Chicago Wednesday, 11/02

ServiceNow Chicago

When Innovation Works, The World Works!

ServiceNow World Launches in Chicago on Wednesday!! It is such an exciting time, to be part of the ServiceNow EcoSystem. ServiceNow runs on ServiceNow. Their marketplace success created new demands for advanced digital transformation of their Now Platform it’s own HRSD (HR Service Delivery) Human Resources and Employee Relations Transformation to keep pace with annual 30% rate growth.

ServiceNow’s Proven rule of 60 SAAS Viability?

Software As A Service (SAAS) rule of of 40 is considered an average viable number. ServiceNow success is not a fad, but a business model that is finding its strength in the recession. ServiceNow operates at around 60% liquidity and is empower digital innovation in business and government. When Business and Government Sector is suffering these tough business times, they must think about how their business is serviced. ServiceNow growth during the COVID pandemic comes from a laser sharp focus on understanding the business challenges, and delivering simple low code solutions.

There is a great reprioritization going on in government and business. You simplify, and you get people live quickly! Which platform is going to give me the most efficient speed, execution, results. In days and weeks, not months or years, and we do it in 90 days or less.

~Bill McDermott, CEO of ServiceNow


Business Success begins with the right vision, talent, and execution. When economic challenges are top news, focusing on what enables the world to work, even in times of uncertainty is key! Growth is the people you associate with, the books you read, the thoughts you think, and “exposure to innovative success.

ServiceNow is deliberate on how they measure success. Their advise for how to select the right implementation partner is to seek proven agents of digital transformation with expertise and implementations of proven Employee Experience, Customer Experience, creating a low code innovation that is powering digital transformation of these challenging business times!


Here are some of the vendors I found interesting for their participation in the communities of best practices. Looking forward to catching up with others to see what they are doing that’s new and cool:

  • JIT leverage best of ServiceNow, taking care of its people and partners for depth & breadth of NOW
  • Ernst & Young for its use of ServiceNow to digitalize Business Tax Workflows.
  • Infosys for evolving ServiceNow Manufacturing workstream modernization.
  • Microsoft for digital posture best practice, extending virtual agent, and all critical workstreams
  • Samsung for its essential partnership to evolving mobile service tone UX
  • Thirdera, leading compelling Digital Transformation with powerful UX/UI business value.

JIT, ServiceNow Elite Partner Growth

I have an obvious affinity for JIT. Robert “The Duke” Fedoruk‘s incredible interview introduces JIT and ServiceNows evolution, by JIT CEO, Jeff Nicoll

If you are looking for IT Service Management or ServiceNow work with great companies, in any location, let me know. I am happy to introduce you to the team at JIT, or other companies from my communities of best practice in your region worldwide. The Chicago World Forum will include some incredible talents. Stop by the JIT booth E11 to say high, and/or look me up. send me your resume, and I will introduce you to JIT Recruiting Team.


I am excited about ServiceNow World Forum for so many reasons. We have watched ServiceNow take flight in enabling smart, simple, logical solutions to really big business, government and world issues. For many of us, this will be the first large post pandemic globally oriented service management event.

I am excited with recent work with JIT, an Elite ServiceNow partner, with a winning model of caring for solutions, people and processes that move business forward to recognize value from the ServiceNow solutions they employ.

I recently caught up with Chicago ITSMF (IT Service Management Forum) President and Service Management thought leader, Charles Levy, on how Chicago can create a resilient Community of Best Practice that continues the thought leadership, essential partnerships, and platform agnostic approach to scalable business in challenging times.


Business still is adapting to post pandemic business challenges.

  1. Identify strategy for digital transformation for hybrid, remote and brick and mortar service management workforce.
  2. Inflation impacts on delivery of goods, services and support affecting their bottom line, cost of services, layoffs due to cost issues, and governance, policy and support for the blended workforce.
  3. Attracting and Retaining Top Talent work, the great resignation saw over 4.5 Million Workers left their jobs,. The sheer volume strains HR Onboarding and Leaving the Company Processes. Exponential demand for scalable digital transformation of reliable knowledge and workflows to enable right people, system and support model keep working towards the bottom line with a loyal, lasting brand connection.


The Pandemic, Recession, health and life balance issues, have people redefining their careers and work. The Recession has given way to Quiet Quitting as workers choose to manage their career we note an mindset paradigm:

People want to feel valued for the work they do. 52% of “quiet quitting” results from feeling the company culture or management simply didn’t value their hardwork, so they resized their engagement and loyalty or entertaining more attractive company culture. McKinsey found of employees surveyed:

  • 35% wanted more caring leaders
  • 35% felt they were working too hard. They wanted sustainable work expectations
  • 35% cited feeling unfulfilled with a lack of career development and advancement potential

Post Pandemic health, financial, and family care impacts created new values around

  • Mental Health support due to the challenging times putting strain on work and life balance.
  • Healthcare and Welfare benefits that helps support themselves and their families.
  • Job Security: The Great Resignation was about Employees seeking a better life work balance. Today those that left long term jobs for higher paying or better life balance, now fear the next wave of Recession Layoffs will impact them.


My career has been so enriched with professional growth. Much of that came from overcoming challenging times. I am fortunate to love my work and enjoy the people I work with. Helping other companies improve process, advance technologies, and retain jobs, keeps businesses resilient, keeps our country, and our world connected, caring and thriving.

  • The Global HR and Recruiting Professionals network emerged from the ashes of 911 to help HR Professionals deal with the challenges supporting staff and business issues following loss of life, military deployed staff, and layoffs. We shared resources and ideas on the unique challenges of the worst terror event in our nation, in my lifetime.
  • The Jobs N Careers Success Network united Talent with Recruiters, Hiring Managers who were hiring and providing support for laid off jobseekers due to post 911. Many Job Seekers who found work, then shared the job leads with OTHERS in the network putting OTHERS to work! This is how we do it!

Encouraging and inspiring one another and BEING where WORK IS happening, where JOBS are shared, and RECRUITERS ARE hiring, helps stay connected to HOPE!

  • The COVID Pandemic was next in wave. The Business and Talent Networks created in Crisis continue to serve as a network for ideas and opportunities. Service Management was a big product of the Pandemic. I was working in an “essential” ServiceNow role, deploying ITSM Optimization, while the COVID pandemic created unprecidented impact in the Food Supply Chain Industry. In 90 days, we optimized ITSM Processes for Change, Incident, Knowledge, and Major Incident Management, while actually accelerating implementations with situational training on how to identify, communicate across Business Units, and partner in new ways to establish Health, Safety, Security, and Supply Chain Work, that HAD executive orders to keep open to keep feeding the community.
  • Traditional “brick and mortar operations” had to have cross business meetings with HR, Security, IT, and Supply Chain, to handle sudden succession planning, new major incident and crisis management.
  • The best practices communities of IT Service Management Forum (ITSMF) and HDI can provide ideas to advance technology harness the power of AI, Virtual Chat, and Now Features that help come to terms with post pandemic demands for acceleration, innovation, and automation.


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“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”

Tags :

Bill McDermott, careers, Chicago, COVID Pandemic, employment, Ernst & Young, EY, great resignation, hdi, hr, hrsd, Infosys, IT Service Management, itsm, Jeff Nicoll, jit, jobs, jobsncareers, just in time, Mcirosoft, quiet quitting, recruiting professionals, samsung, servicenow, ServiceNow World, talent, The Duke, third era, thirdera, Titans of Now

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