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Career & Job Search challenges during COVID Surge September 7, 2021: Challenging times for employment worldwide with Coronavirus on its second year surge of new Delta, mu., and C.1.2 COVID variants. Globally 221,314,774 confirmed cases are sick worldwide, 4,573,678 have died from COVID Complications. While families reel to stay safe, in the USA, there are […]

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How are you training for Transformation? ITIL4 is the “what” Lean IT is the “how”

This was a recent topic among IT Service Management Forum (ITSMF) Leaders. What types of training will add the greatest value for Digital Transformation. ITSMF USA, Minnesota hosted a great topic by Manjeet Singh, Director of Product Management at ServiceNow presented a useful Bright talk Video on how to start and scale your continuous optimization […]

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Tokyo Olympics 2020, My Butterfly Moment

Six athletes are representing the country of Bangladesh in Archery, Swimming, Shooting, and Athletics (Track and Field). Archers: Ruman Shana and Didya Siddiqi. Swimmers: Ariful Islam, and Junaina Ahmed. Shooter: Abdullahai Baki, and Track and Field 400M Athlete, Jahir Rayhan. What majesty and spectacle was the lighting of the Olympic caldron by Japan’s Rank #1 […]

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How COVID Ravages The Heart

Many are reporting fatigues ,myocardial damage, arrhythmias, coagulation blood abnormalities, vertigo, cardo fitness, headaches, most are likely to relate to Corona Virus Long Haul Symptoms. 13 months into my COVID 19 journey I celebrated the victory over what I thought was nearing the end of my COVID Journey. I had survived and been to the […]

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