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Holiday-Guide: Share Job Resources

Holiday-Guide: Share Job Resources

Holiday-Guide: Share Job Resources: Amidst the holiday lights, a warm glow and festive cheer spreads, it’s time to illuminate the path to career success with the power of networking. This season, let us transform our professional networks into realms of career opportunity, joy, and support. Picture a world where every job lead you come across, regardless of its relevance to you, becomes a beacon of hope for someone else in your network. Imagine the impact of sharing, not just job openings, but also insights, experiences, and guidance.

Tammy Kabell shares Why You Need to do your Job Search in December to create momentum!

There is no gift greater than a gift of inspired work before the year ends! This article provides the inside track to Networking for Career Success: A Holiday Guide to Sharing Job Opportunities and Resources.”

As the holiday season unfolds, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the spirit of giving and sharing, not just in our personal lives but also in our professional networks. In today’s world, where employment landscapes are constantly shifting, networking plays a crucial role in enhancing employment prospects. This blog is a call to action for everyone – whether you’re hiring, job seeking, or just looking to support others in their career journey.

Holiday-Guide: Share Job Resources:  Jobs n Career Success https://www.linkedin.com/groups/2079

Jobs N Career Success was launched during challenging times, with a mission to celebrate exceptional individuals. Our network brings together job seekers, recruiters, industry leaders, and those who encompass all these roles. We refer to this ethos as “connected caring” because we believe that people are important in every context. By prioritizing individuals in all aspects of business, we create opportunities that not only transform industries but also improve lives.

Networking is more than just exchanging business cards or adding connections on LinkedIn. It’s about building relationships, sharing knowledge, and offering support. In the realm of job hunting, networking can open doors to opportunities that are not always visible or accessible through traditional channels.

Holiday-Guide: Share Job Resources. Join and get connected to give or receive Career Hope for the Holidays. 

If you have a job lead that’s not a fit for you, chances are it could be ideal for someone else in your network. By sharing these opportunities, you’re not only helping others but also strengthening your professional relationships. This holiday season let us pledge to share more job leads and opportunities across our networks.

Here are some top hiring resources created from member requests:

  1. Telework.gov – United States – Specializing in Federal Telework Jobs
  2. Tech.co –Created a list of the 41 Fully Remote Job Vacancies open in December.
  3. Finding a Job in December 2023 – Here is end of Year Hiring Intelligence
  4. Top 10 Most In Demand Companies – CNBC covered the top companies actively hiring the best employees for work from anywhere roles.
  5. 2023’s 100 Best Jobs – US News and World Report
  6. Top AI Companies – That are Hiring now.

Platforms like LinkedIn are instrumental in connecting job seekers with potential employers. If you’re part of groups like LinkedIn’s Job n Career Success Network, it’s a great place to share and discover job postings. Remember, this space is for genuine opportunities – not for get-rich-quick schemes or spam. This network has connected employees, who hired members, who got promoted, who shared job leaders. Success shared is success multiplied.

If you’re seeking a job, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself or others to the network. A brief description of the type of job and preferred location can go a long way. Likewise, if you’re hiring, feel free to post job openings in any region.

If you or your company, are hiring for a job, or a bunch of jobs, post them one at a time or a link. Some of our members of Community Resume Writers, Global Recruiting Professionals Network, and Outplacement Service Support Agencies have posted Blogs Videos from time to time, with hiring highlights.

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Do you hire CxO staff for Contract or FTE roles nationwide in the USA, including CISOs, CMOs, and CIOs? I have confidential Chief Executives available for opportunities in Tech or Healthcare.

We also have talent available for layoffs in the Banking and Financial Industry in Canada and the USA.

We’re committed to assisting US veterans in their job search and career advancement, many of whom have impressive credentials and Security Operations expertise, along with active or easily reactivated security clearances for government contracts.

We run a few ServiceNow, ITSM, and AI Best Practices Groups, so we have a steady stream of ServiceNow Ecosystem professionals available globally, with current hotspots in Canada, India, and the USA, specifically in roles like Sales Executives, Marketing Executives, Developers, Business Analysts, and Solution Architects.

Additionally, our network has some top-notch Security Operations Strategists and experienced CISO executives who are well-versed in SecOps Standards, Governance, and Compliance.

To further assist, here’s a list of some my favorite top hiring resources and organizations span various industries and regions, offering a range of opportunities:

  1. CRN List – Top IT Tech Companies Hiring now
  2. Telework.gov – United States – Specializing in Federal Telework Jobs.
  3. US News and Money– Recently reported on 20 Big Companies That Hire Remote & Hybrid Workers
  4. Thirdera – Global and incredible company culture, top ServiceNow Pureplay. Active roles in Canada, Columbia, USA. Worldwide!!
  5. ServiceNow – Global with incredible growth flexibility and work culture.
  6. Calbright CollegeRemote Deputy Associate General Counsel with People and Culture Services.
  7. Jericho HR– Houston TX Director of Total Rewards. We have and need job leads to support our TX community.
  8. Nous Infosystems– Global, current hiring strongest presence in India, Canada, and some NJ, USA.

Let’s make this holiday season a time for career sharing. Whether it’s through posting job openings, sharing leads, or simply offering advice, every small action can make a big difference in someone’s professional life. Free Market Job Search Intelligence is not just a resource; it’s a gift we can all give and receive. Let’s keep the spirit of networking alive and thriving, helping each other towards employment success and career fulfillment.

Remember, networking is not just about what you can get, but what you can give. In the season of giving, let’s share the gift of opportunities and make a positive impact on each other’s professional lives.

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Tags :

Career Inspiration, Career Motivation, careers, CIO, ciso, CMO, CTO, employment, IT Jobs, jobs, laid off, Recruiters Free Marketplace, SecOps Executive, Security Incident Response Analyst, Security Operations Strategist, servicenow jobs, Vulnerability Response Analyst

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