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On Covid Long-Haul Day 1013, my recovery journey began when I was accepted into the Northwestern Long Covid program after a hospitalization. I feel fortunate to have had an emergency there, as they are actively identifying remarkable recovery approaches for long-haul Covid patients.

My message to the Covid Long Haul Medical Research Community is to study the living! As a dedicated part of the solution, I volunteer to contribute to overcoming the challenges posed by this problem.

~Dawn C Simmons (Khan)

Neurology recovery by COVID LONG-HAUL DAY 1013

Currently, NeuroCare assesses my symptoms to rule out any brain damage, ensuring thorough examination. To aid in my recovery, I utilize a knowledge companion called “Intro to Your Neuro Covid Recovery Care Companion” and actively participate in an automated symptom log. This approach enables doctors to monitor my progress and promptly address any concerns that may arise. Additionally, the medication Venlafaxine, primarily prescribed for anxiety and depressive symptoms, exhibits promising potential in mitigating persistent inflammation and neuropathic symptoms associated with Covid Long Haul.

Although migraines continue to impose significant limitations on my daily life, there is some noticeable improvement in the intensity of lower back, neck, and overall body muscle pain and spasms. Effectively managing these symptoms becomes crucial in reestablishing restful sleep patterns and minimizing blood pressure and blood glucose fluctuations.


In the field of endocrinology, there is active intervention for life-threatening blood glucose levels that range from 435 to 660, with an AiC of 12.1. Treatment includes adjusting the mix of insulin, monitoring ketones, and quadrupling the dose of Metformin.

Blood glucose levels improved since starting this regimen, currently averaging 261. Remarkably, in the past 7 days, I reached the normal range twice, a first during my Covid journey.

Despite these positive changes, persistent peculiar symptoms remain. An itchy and tingly sensation affects my left hand’s digits, excluding the pinky finger, without a known cause. Moreover, bright red face flushing and occasional swelling, initially attributed to a hypertensive crisis, now have a different suspected cause. Additionally, racing heart incidents and occasional neuropathic “shocks” in the front of my calves persist.

COVID LONG-HAUL DAY 1013 – Please Study the Living

Grateful and hopeful, I appreciate being alive and productive. Overcoming Post Covid challenges brings hope and wellness. Yet, it saddens me that I’m the sole survivor among similar individuals. My earnest hope is for fewer to succumb. Let us recover, support, and inspire those who follow.

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Share Your Journey: What Strategies Have Been Effective for You?

We eagerly await hearing your unique experience. By sharing, you can inspire others and provide valuable insights to those on their healing journey. Join the conversation and contribute to a supportive community of Long Covid-affected individuals.

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Covid Neuro, covid-19, diabetes, flushing, global healthcare, itchy fingers, long hauler, migraines, northwestern medicine study

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