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LONG-COVID Gripping Heart-Health

LONG-COVID Gripping Heart-Health. Doctor wearing ppe with mask for protect coronavirus holding red heart.

LONG-COVID Gripping Heart-Health continued years after COVID-19’s first attack in early 2020, and second attack in 2021. Today’s MSN News Headline, “COVID-19 took a toll on heart health and doctors […]

Destructive Long-Covid Judgement

Destructive Long-Covid Judgement- stop telling a patient it's all in their head. COVID-19 inflammation can damage your heart and other organs.

Understanding the Complexity of COVID-19 and Its Effects A COVID-19 long-haul medical expert highlights that the Coronavirus is real, relatively new, and much is still unknown about its wide range […]

USA: Happy July 4

USA: Happy July 4 Dawn C Simmons - Happy Independence Day

USA: Happy July 4, as we celebrate the Independence Day of our Nation. The celebration of our freedom takes many different forms. I like to think of life as a […]