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Noir and Grit: This is The Batman

2022: The Batman is the darkest of batman’s, following a mix of noir and grit, perhaps a reflection of our times. This version is following Batman’s second year of fighting crime, and thus it emphasizes the struggle for identity and misunderstanding. The story line does not rely on high-tech gadgetry to capture the hearts and […]

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March of International Women and Creating Ideas that bring Hope, Opportunity and Transformation

WHY CELEBRATE INTERNATIONAL WOMEN LEADERS? Microsoft Insider News did a nice article on the Most Powerful Woman from every State (in the United States) Covid, and World Conditions of 2022 have introduced challenging times as we approach the Month of Celebrating International Women Leaders. So important is positive leadership, I will be sharing throughout the […]

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Freshwork’s Multichannel vision for FreshService (ITSM)

FRESHWORKS: the COMPANY: Headquartered in San Mateo, California, Freshworks employs 4,000 employees from 13 global locations. Freshworks became a public company, trading on Nasdaq as FRSH. Their founders Girish Mathrubootham and Shan Krishnasamy aim is to deliver modern, intuitive, and delightful products to customers worldwide, 11 years ago with a small idea for a ‘fresh’ helpdesk. Today they offer a […]

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COVID CyberAttacks cost hospitals millions, some of Mitch’s Leadership Tips could save millions.

37% increase of Hospital attacks. Hospital cyberfraud protection, prevention, and remediation is a modern example of where the subject matter experts of financial controls, IT controls and security operations must maintain a natural alignment for business continuity and disaster recovery. The Wall Street Journal reported that some hospitals are losing millions in the last year […]

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Top Trends in Project Management

Outlook for senior Project Management not only continues, it is a core element that Project Manager’s must have to manage financial, organizational change, and agile project scope to deliver success, even in phenomenal distruption. Today’s Project Manager must possess Leadership engagement skills to connect strategy; leverage and engage leadership, and connect to the CxO and […]

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CMDB Corporate Governance for Publicly Held Companies

Governance Requirements for Publicly Traded Companies A publicly-traded company’s board of directors must provide evidence of compliance with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC ) and stock exchange rules to guarantee board independence and competence. Privately held company boards that do not meet these standards prior to the IPO encounter delays or transition problems due to […]

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