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ServiceNow World: Chicago Wednesday, 11/02

When Innovation Works, The World Works! ServiceNow World Launches in Chicago on Wednesday!! It is such an exciting time, to be part of the ServiceNow EcoSystem. ServiceNow runs on ServiceNow. Their marketplace success created new demands for advanced digital transformation of their Now Platform it’s own HRSD (HR Service Delivery) Human Resources and Employee Relations […]

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BayICT Partnership

The BayICT Tech Talks as part of the Bay Area Community College Consortium (BACCC) are a series of virtual talks and Q&A with ICT industry professionals about their roles, experience, and personal career path. Several things I recommend to students working on their professional development, that they should start now are: Start your LinkedIn Profile […]

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Clarissa Nielsen

Dawn has an incredible passion for what she does. She is forward thinking and results oriented. Dawn can be counted on to get the job done. Her ideas are well thought out and refreshing. She cares deeply for everyone and everything she works with/on. Her work with the Helping Friends Network has such positive impact […]

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Sandra Ware

Dawn cares about people and about building lasting and meaningful relationships. She is very professional and is well respected within Sun. Her ability to build and foster the Helping Friends/Job Seeker community was and is amazing. She keeps connections with people long after its “necessary” as well. She is a genuine good person. She is […]

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