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May 11 Covid Pandemic Order: Covid Long Haul Patient Recovery – Demands and Resources

May 11, 2023 marks the end funding for the Covid-19 pandemic public health emergency the Covid-19 National Emergency and Public Health National Emergency funding with a shift from Federal to Public. The reason the US has intended to shift Covid-19 care to the commercial market is simply due to the fact that Congress has not authorized funding. COVID […]

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Sameer Malhotra

I have had the pleasure to work with Dawn for close 10 years at Sun Microsystems. And our professional paths crossed again while working at Kaiser Permanente IT and then at Adobe. We have spent and collaborated on countless programs, projects and initiatives both at strategic and tactical levels over several years. Dawn can always […]

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Curtis John

I was privileged to work closely with Dawn during my tenure with Kaiser. Her attention to detail and innovation with regard to Project and Program Management and ITIL provided significant clarity around processes and functions which led to success. I would be proud to work with Dawn any time!  (LinkedIn July 2013)

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