Sameer Malhotra

Sameer Malhotra

I have had the pleasure to work with Dawn for close 10 years at Sun Microsystems. And our professional paths crossed again while working at Kaiser Permanente IT and then at Adobe.

We have spent and collaborated on countless programs, projects and initiatives both at strategic and tactical levels over several years.

Dawn can always be counted on to bring a unique, pragmatic perspective on Industry Best-Practices when it comes IT Service Management, Organizational Change Management, Process Design and Transformation, Operational Improvements, Governance or Program Management engagements.

She is a natural collaborator with a grounded, empathetic persona that lends itself to building highly effective communities of people both professionally and outside of work.

I’d highly recommend Dawn and look forward to collaborating with her again, when chance presents itself because she knows how to push the envelop and move the needle by helping solve complex strategic and operational problems.

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