Telecommuting and FlexWork Opportunities

Telecommuting and FlexWork Opportunities

With the news being unsettling, lets share some good news. There is legitimate telecommuting and flexwork opportunity. One must be careful however, there are a few challenges when seeking a telework jobs:

Forbes has just released interviews of the top 50 leaders who are actively shaping the future of work.

Telecommuting and Flexible Work Opportunities:

Companies with Highly Desired Flexibility and Work from Home Opportunities exist. Here are some references to leading opportunities:

US Department of State Telecommuting

FDC.State.Gov recently shared a program: “Navigating the New Normal: How Teleworking is Changing the World” provides information on how working arrangements might change after Covid.

Telework Resources is a great resource by the United States Office of Personnel Management where you can find information about the United States Federal Government Telework Program.


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