Employment in COVID-19 World: using LinkedIn Business Social #opentowork

Employment in COVID-19 World: using LinkedIn Business Social #opentowork

Robin Ryan wrote a great article in Forbes for how to be success during a COVID-19 jobsearch. In a post COVID-19 world, the old school search and apply for advertised job after job, has proven ineffective.

It is still true that 70% of all jobs open are not advertised Referrals are still your best opportunity to land a job. 60-65% of hires happen through a referral from your friends, family or social network. Now for this to be successful during COVID-19, we must recognize the value of our support to our friends and family during the employment crisis.

Here are current LinkedIn tips to attract more referrals and recruiter visits. Your profile will rank more highly in LinkedIn recruiter jobseeker search results with a greater number of endorsements. Written Recommendations are a personal boost to your profile written by people who have worked with you, that helps you to differentiate your brand and value, by people who know and worked with you :

  1. Leverage the LinkedIn “OpentoWork” feature (Ashri Khandelwal article for TimesNowNews)
  2. Endorse Others on LinkedIn, and Be Endorsed (great JobScan article)
  3. Ask for Written Recommendations and offer to Write Recommendations (Alyse Kalish article in The Muse covers this well)
  4. Apply these tips to write the Best LinkedIn Recommendations (Matt Dupee article in  Let’s Eat, Grandma)
  5. Join Job Leads Networks that are supported by Recruiters with jobs (SoInnovateJobs)
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