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What impact has the layoff of Tech Workers had on the Technology Sector? The Wall Street Journal article shared, “The Companies Conducting Layoffs in 2023” and that the present layoff environment is business releveling to right size their business for recession.

“Companies are undergoing a significant amount of change as they respond to economic challenges, higher costs, and talent management issues,”

~ Andrew Challenger, Senior Vice President of Chicago, based Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

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Gig economy refers to a labor market characterized by short term contracts or freelance work. For all its limitations on lack of benefits, and job security, US Bureau of Labor Statistics have found that over 34% of the US workforce, is now participating in the Gig Economy.

The gig economy has had implications for how companies approach recruitment and talent. HR Forecast referred to this as a ““Hollywood” model of work, where agile and rare-knowledge workers will be in demand on a project-to-project basis.”  Peter Miscovich, Managing Director of Strategy + Innovation at JLL Consulting in New York, reports that the gig economy will account for half of the workforce by 2030.

For laid off professionals competing for jobs, the gig economy continues growing in popularity, some out of necessity, some looking to win in the contract to FTE hire model. On the path, to success, for many, gig economy professionals, their specialized labor focus becomes a strategic advantage allowing them to select only jobs with best experience supporting skills, or positive working environment.

More have found satisfaction in choosing more flexible, project-based work give them boosts to their career portfolio, with a freedom and continued prosperity while creating the conditions and new career situation they really desire.

People want to love their work. The Gig Economy requires some shift and agility, however the contract gigs often come with the higher pay with career boosting profile opportunities. They find what initially was survival only, becomes choice preference for their career direction.

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USA Cities with the Best Tech Jobs?

 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics  ran a list of the top 20 Cities for Jobs in the USA. Overlaying the Top Cities with Jobs, with Career Intelligence from Zippia, to create an interesting best places to be reference list. And Kiplingers analysis of Most/Least Expensive.

Some of the list had surprising results: Here are their findings and links to local Tech Best Practice Networks to help you keep skills sharp and find your next job, or move to a city and connect to your industry.

  1. San Jose, CA – Best Companies | itSMF |
  2. Seattle, WA- Best Companies | Most Expensive
  3. Washington, DC – Best Companies | Most Expensive | itSMF |
  4. Boulder, CO – Best Companies | itSMF |
  5. Huntsville, AL- Best Companies | itSMF |
  6. San Francisco, CA – Best Companies | Most Expensive | itSMF
  7. Austin, TX – Best Companies | itSMF |
  8. Raleigh, NC – Best Companies | itSMF |
  9. Provo, UT- Best Companies | itSMF |
  10. Colorado Springs, CO – Best Companies
  11. Baltimore, MD- Best Companies | itSMF |
  12. Boston, MA- Best Companies | Most Expensive
  13. Trenton, NJ- Best Companies | itSMF |
  14. Charlotte, NC – Best Companies | itSMF |
  15. Dallas, TX- Best Companies | itSMF |
  16. Atlanta, GA – Best Companies | itSMF |
  17. New York, NY- Best Companies | itSMF |
  18. Detroit, MI- Best Companies | itSMF |
  19. Chicago, IL – Best Companies | itSMF |

USA Calendar of Events | YouTube | LinkedIn | itSMF Chicago |

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