Taking Care of Business is Taking Care of People: Maintaining CX/EX Trust with Human Resources. Valuing Talent during Layoff

Taking Care of Business is Taking Care of People: Maintaining CX/EX Trust with Human Resources. Valuing Talent during Layoff

U.S.-based employers announced more than 33,800 cuts in October, up 13% from September and 48% from one year ago—marking the sixth month this year that cuts were higher than in 2021.

Challenger, Gray & Christmas report

Technology companies are announcing layoffs and hiring freezes to address recessionary business adjustments in light of the worsening economic outlook. The way in which you do or deliver this difficult news matters much.

Fortune reported Silicon Valley Tech Company reductions in force at Apple (pausing hiring), and other company layoffs including Stripe, Lyft, Amazon, and of course, Twitter as the beginning of a cruel winter. Twitter, in the blink of an eye, Elon Musk sweeping lay off, of 50% of its workforce.


A decision to lay off staff when essential business must also consider the recovery impacts. Harvard Business report: “Layoffs that don’t break your company” found that it can take up to 3 years to recover, and the layoff, survivors that remain often experienced:

  • 41% decline in job satisfaction,
  • 36% decline in organizational commitment
  • 20% decline in job performance.

How would you want your family members treated in tough times? RingCentral shared 10 ways that a company’s treatment of Employees, is linked to a positive Customer Experience.


HR Exchange Network shared “10 Strategies for Dealing with Layoffs”. Treating people with respect and being Honest, Transparent, and Present during tough times is essential. If you treat your people as the asset they are, you communicate through all times.

Fast Company story “This is what a Compassionate Layoff Looks Like“. If you treat your people in a cold non personal manner, it’s similar to breaking up by text, to email an employee telling them their job is gone.

  • No matter who we are, taking care of each other in the workforce and beyond, is about values
  • No matter what is going on, we can prove that hard work. our connectedness, creates opportunity


In uncertain times, we must come together more than ever. Let us remember to lean more on “paying it forward” and helping one another. In times of rampant layoffs, let us be examples of inspiration and opportunity creation.

Jobs n Career Network was created to provide Crisis Job Search Resources to laid off professionals worldwide after September 11, 2001. The next wave was during the COVID Crisis beginning March 2020.


When times are hard, focus your thoughts and networking. Despite grim news or statistics, you do not need thousands of jobs, you need one.

Stay connected to people who remind you who you are, who lift you up as you recognize your next role, after a layoff. Go where the possibilities, the opportunities and the jobs are. Jobs n Career Networks was born in crisis and has put thousands back to work. Focusing on the free and priceless value of connecting Companies, to Talent, and Talented employees, to inspired jobs.

  • If your company is growing, share job leads with those who are seeking work.
  • If your company offers a referral bonus, offer to refer friends and neighbors who are laid off.
  • Invite companies HR or Hiring Managers to share jobs in the Jobs N Career Network.
  • If you know of people who have been laid off, invite them to join the Jobs N Career Network.

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