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FISU World-University-Games: Chengdu China

FISU World-University-Games: Chengdu China

FISU World-University-Games: Chengdu China: Shining as a highlight on the global sports calendar, the FISU World-University-Games: Chengdu China graced the southwest of the People’s Republic of China from July 28 to August 8, 2023. This remarkable event served as a showcase for some of the most exceptional university student-athletes worldwide. Honorable Chinese President Xi Jinping graced the occasion, personally attending the ceremony and officially inaugurating the games.

Dong’an Lake Sports Park Stadium: Architectural Marvel of FISU World-University-Games: Chengdu China

Set within the awe-inspiring confines of the newly constructed Dong’an Lake Sports Park Stadium, boasting an impressive 40,000 seating capacity, the ceremony marked the very heart of the Chengdu 2021 FISU Games. This architectural marvel took inspiration from the realms of space, fashioning itself with a captivating round, “UFO” design. Ingenious digital methods brought to life a monumental, glazed glass rooftop, distinguished as Asia’s largest.

The stadium further boasted China’s grandest canopy, meticulously woven from circular polyester grid membranes. This flying saucer-inspired canopy was adorned with the intricate pattern of the Golden Sun Bird, beautifully representing international prowess, Chinese artistry, and the enduring Bashu culture.

Dong’an Lake Sports Park – Chengdu Expat | Chengdu-Expat.com

Opening Ceremony: A Fusion of Culture

On Friday, July 28th, the 31st summer edition of the FISU World University Games in Chengdu, China commenced with a grand unveiling. This event beautifully melded local and Chinese culture, resulting in a stunning showcase of beauty and heritage.

FISU World-University-Games: Chengdu China – A Global Spectacle

Finally, the highly anticipated 31st edition of the World University Games, one of the globe’s largest multi-sport events, took center stage. Formerly known as the Universiade, this edition, initially slated for 2021, faced two COVID-19-related postponements.

A Grand Opening Parade

As the sun descended, the opening ceremony unfurled with a grand parade at 20:07, spotlighting exceptional athletes from 18 diverse sports. Student delegations from 113 countries and regions embarked on the “Splendid Road,” adorned with intricate Sichuan embroidery patterns, evoking a warm reception from the audience. The procession climaxed with China’s delegation, greeted with fervent applause and cheers. Among the spectators, Chinese President Xi Jinping acknowledged the crowd, in a cascade of jubilation.

Guided by a personal bond with the Olympic Games, I keenly trace the journey of my athlete, Jahir Rayhan (Zahir Raihan), embodying the essence of a champion. In 2021, he emerged as Bangladesh’s proud representative in the Men’s 400-meter run at the Tokyo Olympics. His presence in lane-2 of the event’s third heat, alongside athletes from the USA, Brazil, Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Slovenia, and Congo, fueled a spirited competition.

Zahir Raihan’s Asian Athletic Championship in Bangkok Thailand

July 15 bore witness to Zahir Raihan’s triumph as he secured a spot in the semi-finals of the 200m sprint during the Asian Athletic Championships in Bangkok, Thailand. His impressive sprint clocked in at 21.67 seconds, marking a significant achievement for Bangladesh.

Asian Athletic Championships in Bangkok, Thailand - Jahir Rayhan

Spirit, Bangladesh FISU World-University-Games: Chengdu China

On July 28, the World University Games Mohammad Jahir Rayhan surged forward in the Men’s 200 Metres, blazing into the semi-finals with an exceptional time of 21.34 seconds.

Jahir Rayhan gives autographs at FISU World-University-Games: Chengdu China

Quoting Jahir Rayhan’s Determination

“I did better timing here than I did in the Asian Championship. I narrowly failed to break the national record. I will try to do better timing in the semi-final.”

~Zaheer Raihan (Jahir Rayhan)
FISU World-University-Games: Chengdu China

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A Closing Spectacle

As the sun cast its final glow, the Closing Ceremony unfolded on the evening of August 8, 2023, at Chengdu Open Air Music Park. The event concluded with closing protocols, the symbolic transfer of the FISU flag and symbols to Rhine-Ruhr Region (Germany), the esteemed host of the upcoming 2025 edition, and the symbolic extinguishing of the World University Games flame.

Athlete Rayhan | Bangladesh 2020 Olympic Profile | Shirin Akter Fans | Athlete Akter

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