Tokyo Olympics 2020, My Butterfly Moment

Tokyo Olympics 2020, My Butterfly Moment

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Six athletes are representing the country of Bangladesh in Archery, Swimming, Shooting, and Athletics (Track and Field). Archers: Ruman Shana and Didya Siddiqi. Swimmers: Ariful Islam, and Junaina Ahmed. Shooter: Abdullahai Baki, and Track and Field 400M Athlete, Jahir Rayhan.

What majesty and spectacle was the lighting of the Olympic caldron by Japan’s Rank #1 Tennis star, Naomi Osaka.

Every nation will have 2 flag bearers in the Parade of Athletes. Over 200 athletes will represent the USA., a woman and a male in a celebration of gender equity. The USA Flag Bearers were Sue Bird (women’s basketball) and Men’s representative Eddy Alvarez (baseball, though he won a silver medal in short-track speedskating at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics)

Yesterday, my Jahir Rayhan and his Coach Abdullah Kafi, arrived in Tokyo Japan to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in Men’s Track and Field in the 400M. Most exciting times.

Coach Abdullah Kafi (L), Jahir Rayhan (R)

We were so nervous, Jahir Rayhan’s running shoes and a gift from celebrated Speed Coach, Phil Campble were delivered to Jahir at the Dhaka Airport right before he was to catch his flight from Dhaka to Qatar, to Tokyo. Jahir’s shoes of choice was excellent.

Nike Zoom 400

This shoe is highest ranked brand, specially designed by Nike for 400M racing, favored for its more natural range of motion. Powerful sprinters can find the Zoom 400 will support their need for speed stride on this the toughest of sprint distances.

Speed Coach Phil Campbell

The shoes were sent with a gift of 2 of his top books for coaching speed, from incredible Speed Coach Phil Campbell. He has been featured in Oprah’s O Magazine, Outside Magazine, Physical MagazineOnFitnessMS FitnessMuscle MagPersonal Fitness Magazine, or Successful Coaching. For those who do not know him,  Celebrity Athletic Speed coach Phil Campbell traded in a quarter century experience as a hospital administrator to follow his super talent as a speed coach. Phil Campbell has now boosted performance of thousands of athletes, including well-known clients Super Bowl MVP Ray Lewis and three-time Super Bowl winner Jerry Rice.

Phil Campbell has been teaching speed techniques for 45 years, putting the best sprint techniques into his Sprint 8 method. He teaches this for health improvement and for athletes.

So now Coach Abdullah Kafi and Jahir Rayhan are off on the Olympic event of our dreams!

They received the Nike Shoes and two books by Coach Campbell Sprint 8 Cardio Protocol and How to Coach Speed Techniques, right before boarding the flight for Tokyo! Coach Kafi was seen eagerly reading in Qatar Airport, while waiting for the connecting flight to Tokyo.

Bangladeshi’s Worldwide are Praying for Good Showing in the Olympics

Bangladeshi’s around the world watch as Jahir and his fellow athletes travel to the Tokyo Olympics 2020/2021. This will be one of the most memorable Olympic years in history, because of the COVID Pandemic. Before COVID, the Bay Area Bangladeshi Cricket League team, the Dhaka Tigers 🐯 Team Championship donated their winning prize money and CEO, Kawser Jamal‘s Company of Ascend Technology Inc. matched the winnings to support Jahir’s efforts.

We have a great start for Bangladesh, but bringing the hope for the future, Coach Abdullah Kafi, and Jahir Rayhan to San Jose, CA, for Speed Training, would help prepare for the FUTURE success of Bengali Athletes, and for the World Championship in 2022!

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