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US Recession Impact on Immigration and Tips to Maintain Status

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After processed immigrant naturalizations were stalled during the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, Pew Research reports that immigrant naturalizations are again starting to process. The USA has naturalized nearly 1 Million Immigrants as U.S. citizens in this last fiscal year (2022)

USA Recession impact and Tech Sector layoffs also is a factor that must be considered for those Immigrants who are working in the USA and wish to maintain status. Asians continue to be the fastest growing immigration demographics to the USA, however the warnings of recessions, and layoffs that began in a fevered pitch in November, has all immigrants looking to their backup plan and paying close attention to the tips required to maintain legal immigrant status.


During this looming recession and the November and beyond year end layoffs, an employer of foreign national employees, must be aware of their obligations for laying off an H-1B worker that includes 3 key steps:

  • Written notice of employee’s termination to employee
  • Notification of USCIS of the termination
  • Post termination travel transportation to the H-1B worker’s home country (or country of last residence)


Foreign National employees with E, H-1B, H-1B1, L-1, O-1, and TN status visas receive a grace period, allowing them to remain lawfully in the United Status for a up to 60 days to identify a new employer who can file an extension of status or change of status petition on their behalf before the grace period expires.

Create a sound support network for your locations for support in finding a new job, staying compliant with USCIS Policy, and up to date and trusted legal guidance.

Cultivated Culture Provides a high-level description of the Work Visa Process, and a number of companies who sponsor Foreign National Work Visas.

Here it is very important to find a good lawyer, aware of current policy, and able to keep pace with the complexities of US Immigration Policy. These lawyers are able to help Visa Holders to understand their legal options regarding their case, or any changes required.


Equally important to the Foreign National Visa Holder is not causing your immigration worries to cause you to fall victim to the number and growing number of Immigration Fraud Cases that happen when people are desperate to get into, or not be sent out of, the USA.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (UCIS) offers free resources guidance and visibility into your application, petition or request process including


US News and World Report has just released its current rankings of the best United States Law Firms and their rankings. Search by practice, in this example, Immigration Law, and sort the ranked Immigration Law Firms by location for example:


Please reach out to Dawn Simmons (Khan) with any additions to the resource guidance offered here.

  1. Do you know of other employers who sponsor Foreign National Work Visas?
  2. Can you recommend the leading Immigration Lawyers in your area?


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