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TOP TIPS: Attracting LinkedIn Viewers

I increased the number of people looking at my LinkedIn profile by 393% by simply updating my profile. I completed a project in November, and was working on a freelance proof of concept for my business.

An empty profile starts to declined visibilty. Around Christmas at the year end, some declines are to be expected, but right after Christmas, recruiting is full steam, and as a job seeker, we can not afford to lose visibility.

This week for the full week of January 18 , I added the freelance profile work to my profile, changed the graphic and cover images, and immediately from that action alone, my profile views rocketed.

Why do profile views help?

More views to your LinkedIn Profile increases the possibility of

  • more connections
  • greater industry visibility
  • increased potential businessleads and/or jobseeker opportunities,

Who are Your Top Most Impactful Connections?

Why are they in your top list of most impactful? This was a question asked by one of my LinkedIn Influencers, Ahmad Imam. I thought about this and realized,these are the people that have done much to influence and enhance my network because of their heart and thought leadership.

What are the best practices and attributes in their profile? Being a student of personal best, I look at what it is about them, their profile, their approachability, and I promise to elevate them as they have elevated me.

  • Share interesting content that informs, educates, entertains or inspires
  • Collaborate and engage in sharing ideas, recognizing success
  • Encourages innovation, ideas and positive exemplary action
  • Approachable and connected exchange of value and personal interest
Dawn C Simmons Top 50 Most Impactful Individuals on LinkedIn

Other Strategies to Boost LinkedIn Profile

Increase your visibility on LinkedIn, through increasing your connections to connected people, prior colleagues, university alumni. Increase your engagements by sharing content, and posting/engaging in Groups.

Here is a list of LinkedIn Best Practice Business Networking Groups we love. If you are looking for work, consider the #OpenToWork option. Ask questions, share information, give answers, share job leads where it fits. Engagement in business communities increases your visibility to like minded professionals and to recruiters looking for similar skills.

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“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”

Tags :

business profile, connections, engagement, jobs, L.I.O.N.S, LinkedIn Open Networkers, linkedIn tips, viewers

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