Today’s HR Super Trends

Today’s HR Super Trends

Quality HR Case Management, Effective Self- Service Knowledge Management and Process Transformation is key to developing the following trend areas in HR.

The Future of Work is Now. Forbes kicked off 2022 with the Top 10 HR Super Trends.

  1. Well Being.
  2. Employee Experience: “Showing How Much They Care (in item 1) can reduce the Great Resignation
  3. Hybrid work demands scalable Knowledge Centered Support.
  4. Employees want a connection to a Values Based Decisions making employer.
  5. Skills based hiring is on the rise, as highlighted in Harvard Business Review.
  6. Longer Lifespans are changing the workforce.
  7. Upskilling HR Skills that are critical to today’s workforce Transformation.
  8. Power Skills unite human and digital capabilities
  9. Working Parents have unique challenges
  10. The CHRO has elevated to an essential role.

Caring is big. Care counts when blending physical with digital. Showing care to customers, and one another is a needed addition required for appropriate response and creating value.

How to build a people first workspace:

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