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March of International Women and Creating Ideas that bring Hope, Opportunity and Transformation

WHY CELEBRATE INTERNATIONAL WOMEN LEADERS? Microsoft Insider News did a nice article on the Most Powerful Woman from every State (in the United States) Covid, and World Conditions of 2022 have introduced challenging times as we approach the Month of Celebrating International Women Leaders. So important is positive leadership, I will be sharing throughout the […]

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World Talent Economy Forum on Global Competitiveness

18 March, 2021 World Talent Economy Forum PANEL: Sharif Ahmed Rana Ph.D, MBA President, World Talent Economy Forum WTEF (Malaysia) Marc Lee– Executive Producer. The Radio Show – IBMTV.TV (Durham, North Carolina, USA) David Meinel– Europe Adrian David Cheok– Professor, Australia Holmes Stoner– Chairman Founder at Pacific Rim Business Council 420K active members (Los Angeles, […]

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