Silicon Valley IT Service Management Reorganizes: Seeking 2 Board Members and Ideas People

Silicon Valley IT Service Management Reorganizes: Seeking 2 Board Members and Ideas People

Thank you for your support and participation in the fast-paced IT Service Management Best Practices Community!

I’m pleased to invite you to please join our LinkedIn ITSMF group at LinkedIn ITSMF Group, and contact me for more information on how to get involved. We need 2 board members and Committee idea people. Please join us or nominate a member of your team to participate in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area IT Service Management Forum Local Interest Group

We require a minimum of 2 more board members for relaunching our forum for post COVID Networking to help us showcase the best of Silicon Valley Innovation in a Post Covid World. The biggest focus is member value with meaningful Zoom meetings.   When the COVID pandemic slows, we will revisit local meetings again, however right now, we are expanding our value and partnering in delivering best IT Service Management Forum events and best practices panels worldwide, from Zoom or Bright Talk Conference events.

Some of the ways our local chapter activities will change to support our current post COVID membership needs includes increased member opportunity to participate in discussion and white paper topic creation, as well as to participate in career advancement and job opportunity related networking segments:

  • Local Trends and ITSM Topics of member relevance
  • Showcase San Francisco:  Highlights the ITSM leaders in the bay area, and what their strategies for success are
  • Community White Paper Collaboration Events
  • Global IT Service Management Panel Best Practice Focus Events

Members of the Silicon Valley IT Service Management Forum have a unique networking opportunity to be aware of current trends and challenges, to create a forum for professional development, and continue to shape the IT Service Management industry.

To relaunch San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley) best practices, we need member volunteers with ideas to help determine how we evolve new IT Service Management.

itSMF LIG Leader and Committee Chair requirements:

  • Must maintain a current itSMF USA membership and be in good standing
  • Sign and adhere to Leadership Code of Ethics and Affiliate Agreement
  • We prefer that no leadership team have more than three (3) leaders who work for the same organization, as consistent with our by-laws unless special circumstances warrant and are approved by the Member Services Director.

itSMF USA is a chapter of itSMF International, the premier membership association for Service Management professionals. We are a not-for-profit, volunteer-led, vendor-neutral community organization, dedicated to the promotion, adoption, and advancement of service management best practices and standards that help your organization run more effectively and efficiently to deliver bottom-line results.

itSMF is committed to:

  • Building an engaging and inspiring community that shares knowledge and expertise with the aim of unifying the Service Management industry.
  • Engaging all Service Management professionals in expanding and promoting a unified community.

San Francisco Bay Area itSMF Local Interest Group (LIG)

We are seeking to fill 2 Local Interest Group Board Leadership Roles Vice Pres and Secretary as well as volunteer committee chair(s) to help organize our Events, Membership, Sponsorship and Volunteer Coordination groups.

Thank you for taking the time and your consideration in being a valued part of San Francisco Bay Area itSMF Local Interest group.    I’m available to discuss any questions you may have via  or email at 


Dawn Christine Simmons (Khan)

President, San Francisco Bay Area IT Service Management Forum

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