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Remembering Paradise by the iconic Meatloaf (Dead at 74 of COVID)

Paradise by the Dashboard Lights - Meatloaf

January 20, 2022, is 1 week after my 911 call for Covid round 2. I must have some greater purpose, as I keep living impossible circumstances. I caught SARS-COVID in 2020, before there was a vaccine or a treatment. I was double vaccinated and caught Omicron on Christmas Day 2021. I was due for my booster but could not get it until again I was negative for Omicron.

  • Can you get COVID after you had it before? YES, you can have COVID and not have the antibody. I was this case.
  • Is there benefit to the vaccine if you had COVID? Absolutely. I had 205 symptoms as a long-haul patient, most decreased by the second dose.
  • Is there benefit to the booster if you had COVID twice? YES, third time is not a charm, with new variants keep coming, and keeping current vaccines has been proven to reduce the severity if you catch some new strain.

All my life, music and art resonate as part of who I am. In 2019 COVID became a part of my story. All of us must leave this earth sometime. Let us strive for our dreams and get the most out of the life. Let us remind others of their importance and celebrate inspired LIFE.

A half dozen people in my friends and extended family have died of COVID. Even more of my dear friends and business colleagues have spent years as I of, COVID Long Haul. At some point so sick for so long, survivor guilt becomes stronger with every passing spirit I knew or loved.

I disagreed with Meatloaf’s position on vaccination. We have to respect the difference of opinions on human health rights. It is a very personal notion how we approach our health. With a pre-existing health condition, however, we are more susceptible. Meatloaf was not supportive of a vaccine mandate. It is unknown whether he was vaccinated or not. While anyone can die of complications from COVID, vaccination is so important to helping combat COVID. The larger narrative is that many people are dying or suffering from COVID. Whether he was vaccinated or not, where he stood on COVID, we grieve the loss of a great rock opera icon.

Sep 27, 1947 – Jan 20, 2022 to age 74 Meatloaf (Marvin Lee Aday) (Michael Lee Aday). Yesterday COVID claimed the life of one of my favorite musicians of all time. Rest in Peace, Meatloaf, an American singer and actor who left this earth, surrounded by the love of friends and family. More than powerful music, his songs were lyrical genius with theatrical performance. Meatloaf had to cancel a meeting discussing his work on a show being planned around his song “I’d do anything for love” due to becoming seriously ill with COVID-19.

How Meatloaf Got His Name

Meatloaf was born Marvin Lee Aday in Dallas, Texas. He changed his name to Michael Lee Aday, (Meat Loaf), was an When he was a kid of 5 he could not wear blue jeans because he was so large and was being bullied for his name after Levi’s put out an ad “Poor fat Marvin can’t wear blue jeans”. He went before a judge and was granted an immediate name change. He changed his name to Michael.

He later had his legal name changed to Meatloaf. Funny stories around that. He was held up in customs for his name Meatloaf on his password

When acting in a Shakespeare production he went to the producer and said “Joe since I’m doing Shakespeare, maybe we shouldn’t use (my name) Meatloaf.

“Meat, if Bill was alive, do you think he’d care if you are using Meatloaf?”

Most known for his music, which was full of theatric quality. Meatloaf loved acting and music, he found a way to present both in his career. Meatloaf’s first movie film roles was Eddie in The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975). He appeared in on and off-Broadway productions of the musical Hair. More recently he played Big Bob Paulson in Fight Club (1999).

I will treasure your love. I never want to lose it. Keep on believin’ and you will discover there’s always something magic. There’s always something new. When you really really need it the most, that’s when Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through!

~Meatloaf- Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through

My favorite songs were from his Bat Out of Hell trilogy. I am not alone, his first album still creates new fans, and sells an estimated 200,000 copies annually remaining on music charts for nearly a decade, one of the best-selling albums in history.

Here are my top 5 favorite Meatloaf Songs

What are your favorite songs? Mine are:

  1. Paradise by the Dashboard Lights
  2. I’d do Anything for Love (But I won’t do that)
  3. Right out of My Mouth
  4. Meat Loaf – Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad
  5. Objects in the Rear-View Mirror May appear closer than they are

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Tags :

bat out of hell, coronavirus, covid, I'd do anything for love, marvine lee aday, meatloaf, michael lee aday, paradise by the dashboard lights, rocky horror picture show, vaccine

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