Process Excellence (PEX) Business Process Improvement (BPI)

Process Excellence (PEX) Business Process Improvement (BPI)

Process excellence and Business Process Improvement is about enhancements that recognize process effectiveness and efficiency. It requires processes to be designed and improved for consistent delivery with minimum variation and minimum waste.  

  • Documenting and Mapping the current state processes, tools and interactions
  • Documenting and Mapping the improved future state change plan, processes tools and interactions
  • Creating a continuous improvement process for measuring and improving implemented process improvements

Operational Excellence Project Highlights:

  • ITIL CMDB Project to identify waste and consolidate services resulted in $32M savings and 20% reduction in Data Center Footprint.
  • ITIL Service Catalog and Service Portal Knowledge with central Service Desk Delivery
  • Security Operations Capabilities alignnment mapping to IT Service Delivery Processes
  • Healthcare ITIL Center of Excellence approach.
  • COVID-19 Operational Major Incident Management, Knowledge Management and Communications Quality
  • ServiceNow ITSM Vendor Management Workspace Implementation

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