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Pitbull: From Negative to a Positive is Dale. Go for it!


Now matters.

We have freedom. Do we remember it? Let us lead with love, being our best selves. May that uplift our family, our community and our world. I was born and raised in a small rural midwestern American town. I hope my kids will be as inspired to be their best selves. To be fair, focused, and making a difference with the talents they have. We all have our gifts, when we can appreciate the good.

Too much fear uncertainty and doubt is fanned by being plugged in to the wrong stuff. The American Artist is alive and well. Tough times creates opportunity to turn life from negative to positive. Hard work matters even when no one else believes in you.

Mom and Dad taught us about art, music, to work hard, care about making a difference by caring for one another. My parents were involved in helping both my brothers and I and as 4H leaders, our community, live the “4-H pledge”.

I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, my health to better living. For my Club. My Community. My Country, and My World.

“Dale” when encouraging someone to do something, dale translates to go ahead, do it, go for it.

“Dale” in Spanish | SpanishDict

Honoring Michelle Jasper October 1, 1970 – August 26, 2015.

Michelle Jasper was a great professional, a wife and Mom to a beautiful family. Our kids were about the same age, and she and I would take turns sharing music and encouraging one another. Michelle lived life fully. She was such a bright light who encouraged EVERYONE around her.

As she battled the challenges of chemo therapy, Michelle kept her spirits high. She put on a bright glittered hat, through a party, brought in a family band, and we sang, laughed and enjoyed the time we had.

Michelle became an angel on August 26, 2015. Cancer did not define her, it was her heart and spirit that uplifted everyone who knew her. Some days she would send me the song on her mind. When we were struggling, it was Pitbull music we shared to energize, recharge, and get back up. Michelle celebrated life, love, family, and great music.

Why Pitbull Inspires, Motivates with Music and a Movement

Born Armando Christian Pérez, Pitbull began his music career in the early 2000s. Pitbull is a Grammy award-winning rapper, songwriter, and record producer who has sold over 25 million studio albums and over 100 million singles worldwide. Pitbull is more than great music, Mr. Worldwide is a smart businessman and a brand all his own. Pitbull’s name was a nod to his appreciation of the tenacity of a Pitbull breed of dog. This is not just pop music for a dime, its a movement for all time.

Pitbull is dedicated to help the Latino community in his hometown, Miami, FL, to empower overcoming poverty through educational initiatives. He helped create a Tuition-Free Public charter for middle and high school called the Sports Leadership and Management Charter School, in 2013. Sports Leadership and Management Academy, aka SLAM, features a sports-based curriculum, coupled with an educational model that integrates national Common Core Standards and sports-related themes into a core curriculum of Mathematics, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies, to help prepare students for careers in Sports Medicine, Business, Marketing, Health, and Communications.

“The reason it’s so special is cause (the kids) are me, I can say (to them), ‘I can tell you what’s going on in your house right now. I know. I feel you. I’ve been there.’ … If we catch them at that little age, mold their minds, teach them what it is to be motivated, self-inspire, believe in themselves because coming from the neighborhood we came from no one believed in us … this is changing the world little by little.”

Pitbull: 5 things to know about the superstar | CNN

We are not doing enough. Use your life your story and your responsibility to give back. This is a priceless honor.

Highlights of this video:

  • In the word Can’t, is Can
  • In the word Don’t, is Do
  • In the word Won’t is Won
  • In the word Impossible, is Possible
  • There is no losing, only learning
  • No failure, only opportunities
  • No problem, only solutions
  • Failure is the mother of all success

If you are always winning you do not understand what it is to win. You have to experience failure, to recognize the gaining and wisdom, to learn what you do not know. The failures are constant. It is not how you fall, it is how you get back up.

How will you reinvent?

You can do ANYTHING you want to do, if you are willing to work hard enough to make it happen!

People in tough times will either lead or follow and attack. Staying relevant is getting back up from whatever happens, owning it, and making life better. Our humanity is determined by our ability to encourage one another in all times, no matter what is happening.

Reinventing ourselves is the name of the game. The failures we have, knock us down, so we can build back better. Life has ups and downs.

Too many people will tell you why you are not good enough. Too many people want to tell you why you are too young, too old, too fat, too skinny, too uneducated, too whatever.

What are you choosing to create for your life now? What are your values? What are you willing to fight for? Who will you stand up for to make a difference?

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“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”

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inspiration, motivation, pitbull, SLAM

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