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LinkedIn Business Networking: Guide to LinkedIn Group Networking Limits

LinkedIn Help: General Limits for LinkedIn Groups

Demand for our Best Practice Business Networks is on the rise. And for good reason. The Covid-19 Global Pandemic forever changed the way business is done, and with implications to many workgroups. People who never tried to stay in touch with industry trends, started flocking to LinkedIn Business networks to feel in touch with their community, to adjust to new ways of doing business, and to feel connected in crisis.

MindTools shared a great article on How to Use LinkedIn Effectively, and this is a great overall resource, with good guidelines on professional networking for career results. Being involved in an active LinkedIn Group helps you feel connected to your industry, best practices, and your colleagues. It is great for networking to find your next job, and with millions of people looking, an inside advantage opens a world of business ideas and professional possibilities.

Making the Most of LinkedIn Groups:

Many start with LinkedIn Groups for their University, and then for their former company employees pages as a great way to keep in touch with colleagues and coworkers, and stay connected. People love groups to stay connected with those you work with, by endorsing them, writing recommendations for them.

During trying times, when layoffs and reductions of force occur, it is these networks that help people recover. Sun Microsystems was my best employer ever, worked for, when we began layoffs, in 2001, many of us kept in contact via LinkedIn Groups, and directly. We still keep in touch to this day. I organized a Helping Friends Career Network, to help thousands world wide, to connect to their next job. A person in need, becomes a person that helps, its a tide of good will, and a rising tide, raises all ships.

  • Connect to Professionals Jobs n Career Network as a great way for jobseekers to discover to your next great job or career, resume writers, career coaches, and get or give tips to help one another. Many of our jobseekers, later help other members with referrals. Some of our Recruiting members are career columnists, top industry recruiters, looking for specialty skills or confidential start ups.
  • What groups do you love? Share your top 3 favorite LinkedIn Groups that provide great best practices link and descriptions, below in comments.

“I never dreamed business networking would have limits, until I hit them”

~Members of the LinkedIn Business Networking Community

To keep LinkedIn Groups relevant and manageable, they have established some policy limits for membership, content, and other activities within a group. Many requesting membership to a group are unaware of the limits unless the Group Managers Notify them.

Why was my membership not approved? Most common reason why a membership request can not be approved is due to LinkedIn Group Membership Limits at 100 Groups. Here is a list of the common Linked In Group Limits.

Global Recruiting Professionals Network | Groups | LinkedIn

While groups have their own membership conditions , for example the Global Recruiting Professionals Network is for connected networking between HR, Hiring, and Recruiting professionals. Covid-19 has introduced incredible challenges to the HR Professional, so membership is for those in that industry, and not for jobseekers outside of the industry. This is necessary to be able to serve their best practice needs. The Global Recruiting Professionals Network is run by volunteers, and since Covid has created such great unemployment, thousands of members are requesting membership. Each request is reviewed and many of our member requests were never aware of the limits of groups, so we send notification that membership is either being denied for 1 of 2 reasons:

  1. The Member Request does not appear to meet the group’s primary member requirements defined in the “About this Group” section of the Linked In Group Profile.
  2. The member request can not be approved due to LinkedIn System limits. The requesting member may not be aware that they reached the limit, until a Group administrator tries to approve membership and gets a message that looks like this:
Frequently Asked Questions regarding LinkedIn Group Limits:
  1. Can I request membership again after I have met the LinkedIn Group Membership Request Threshold? Absolutely you may request membership again. When the LinkedIn Groups threshold is lifted, if you meet the groups primary criteria in the groups ABOUT section, you are most welcome to request again.
  2. How do I leave some of the 100 groups I am in, so that I can join other groups? WikiHow produced “3 Ways to Leave a group on LinkedIn
  3. How can I view my current list of LinkedIn Groups? This is viewable in the left hand channel of your LinkedIn Feed in the second menu set that looks similar to the following graphic.

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career resources, hiring, how to leave a linkedIn group, job leads, Jobs Network, linkedin, LinkedIn Groups, linkedIn tips, social network groups

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