James Frisbie

James Frisbie

It was my pleasure and honor to work for and with Dawn Christine Simmons at SUN Microsystems in 2000-2005. We have maintained a friendship and respect these years since.

She was the ITIL Guru in the Global Support Center, was crucial in Relationship Management, working well with co-workers, vendors and clients. Her work ethic was ferocious, her vision clear, her commitment unwavering.

A Leader in character as well as position. Along with her brilliant mind, quick learning and hard working attitude, it was her Teamwork, Heart for the Task at hand and focus on collaboration and sharing that was the essence of her great success there for those many years. Years before I got there and years after I left.

I would recommend Dawn not only without reservation, but believe any Business, any Team, would be well served to have her as part of their efforts.

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James Frisbie

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