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Helping Career Seeker Resolutions for 2022

New Years Resolution

Expand goodness, encourage one another

I am so blessed with an abundance of career opportunities; I have always shared with others; others also share with me. Let’s expand the goodness and make a commitment to keep helping one another.

Here is what I am going to do in 2022 to help connect excellent jobseekers with great Career Coaches, Resume Writers, and Recruiters or Hiring Managers looking to make a difference in business this year.

  1. The Professionals Jobs and Career network is free for anyone who is looking for a job, or looking for great talent for their jobs, this network is on linked in, invite your job seeking friends or recruiters and hiring manager friends, to join and share resumes, jobs, and opportunities. If you are a resume writer or career coach, you may share tips and offer specials to our members in the jobs and career network. ALL are welcome to offer their services and job seeking in the spreadsheet in item 3.
  2. The Global Recruiting Network is ONLY for people in the HR and Staffing Industry to connect to share best practices, or finding split partners, it is NOT for sharing jobs, except in the Recruiting and Staffing Industry itself.
  3. The 4-tab spreadsheet is to help jobseeker, hiring managers, and career services professionals find one another. Fill out the appropriate row for your job search, your service offering, and networks you recommend in the Professionals Jobs n Career Services Shared Network
    1. Instructions
    2. Tab for Job Seekers
    3. Tab for Hiring Managers, Recruiters, and Hiring agencies
    4. Tab for Career Services Coaches and Resume Writers
    5. Tab for recommending professional jobs, employment, career services and professional networks.

Helping others creates opportunity

Please share job leads or career service discounts that help our members. Invite others to join and share leads to these networks and feel free to share this spreadsheet with others who benefit. Let us keep helping others. I have some confidential leads on this network. Reach out to me at DawnCSimmons.com Contact form and I will connect you to these leads.

If you are in my personal network, let me know if there is a job you are seeking that I can help with. My schedule is so busy this year, but I will always do my best to help a friend. If you have ITSM and ServiceNow Experience and are looking, be in touch immediately. I have a number of people looking for talent and I would love to refer you!!

Happiest New Year to you and YOUR family!! Wishing you every continued success.

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career services, careers, coaches, emploiyment, hiring, jobs, jobseekers, recruiters, resolution, resolutions, resume, servicenow

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Tags :

career services, careers, coaches, emploiyment, hiring, jobs, jobseekers, recruiters, resolution, resolutions, resume, servicenow

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