Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

17 March: The Feast of Saint Patrick  is kind of a big deal of both a cultural and religious celebration, for those of us with Irish heritage. Saint Patrick’s Day (St Paddy’s Day) celebrates the traditional death date of Ireland’s leading patron,  Saint Patrick (c. 385 – c. 461).

I would like celebrating it even if I wasn’t Irish. I grew up in the Midwest, and in Chicago, the coloring of the Chicago River’s water Green. This is one of those things I missed in person, but was always amazed to see on the news.

This year the river and celebration was much toned down, for COVID. Fine’s for violating COVID Protocol can run a business $10,000 so business certainly was incented to keep things toned down.


Last year as COVID began March 2020, I was working as an Essential Worker helping implement Major Incident Management in a Grocery Retail chain in Southern California.

I made Irish Dinner for my dear host, Blanca Cisneros. She made Guatemalan Pappas Tamale’s for my birthday. She let me take over the kitchen to prepare Irish dinner on St Patrick’s day, and it was a delight to share this with Blanca and her family.

As a Pisces with family roots dating back to 1780 in Kilkenney, Ireland, my Mom always made Sant Patrick’s Day a wonderful feast.

From March 2020. Wishing you all a lovely Saint Patricks Day!

I carried on the tradition, making Irish dinner either for my birthday, or on Saint Patrick’s day. This year I did not dress in Green, but I changed my Facebook profile for the day.

This year, I am not to be eating corned beef either, which is my favorite St Patrick’s Day Menu. Last year it turned out great. This year I will share with others some of what I love from here. I love celebrating all cultures.

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My favorite menu for Saint Patrick’s Day is:

When we lived in Pleasanton, the kids and I enjoyed visiting the Dublin, CA, St Patricks Day Celebration.

Our favorite was to hear the bands play and see the Irish Dancers.

Dawn’s Favorite List of Irish Bands/Music Artists

  1. U2
  2. Flogging Molley
  3. Clancy Brothers And Tommy Makem
  4. Dropkick Murphy’s
  5. The Cranberries
  6. The Chieftans
  7. The Corrs
  8. The Pogues
  9. The Boomtown Rats
  10. Thin Lizzy
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