Fashion Forward: South Asian New York Fashion Week

Fashion Forward: South Asian New York Fashion Week

Success of September 2022 has infused American Fashion from an innovative initiative that celebrates the world of fashion that herald from the South Asian global fashion stage in New York City. SANYFW recognizes the emerging demand that showcases and uplifts South Asian fashion design.

Dawn’s Story:

As an American with a passion and appreciation for South Asian design, how delighted I am to see South Asian Fashion getting showcased in New York, the hub for the world’s fashion forward innovation. South Asian Fashion is world fashion.

I have long appreciated the elegance of Asian style. I have been wearing jhumka earrings with my every day style, because i find it is simply more vibrant in color and style then any other earrings. As a plus sized American woman, I prefer the elegant style, fit, color and function of an South Asian Fashion. Given a choice for dress events, I prefer the elegant grace of a saree over most American Plus Style Gown Options. The color, creativity, design, and flexibility is simply more dramatic in South Asian Style!

Can American’s wear South Asian Style? Sure absolutely!! Why deny yourself the beauty because of size or race?

~Dawn C Simmons

Except for more business meetings, I prefer the fashion forward look of Salwar Kameez over American Pant Suits because they are more flattering, innovative, and more realistic for larger sized women. For Dress where, and post Covid, every day where, I find myself enjoying American Style Maxi dresses with bright colors.

South Asian Style takes the Global Stage

South Asia’s 8 Countries has it’s own unique headline style represented in New York’s First Ever South Asian Fashion Week and South Asian Fashion Council to create a legacy that values and expands the importance of this fashion forward beginning. While initially defined as “Desi” fashion, the expansion of Global Fashion has been keenly established.

  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Bhutan
  • India
  • Maldives
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan

Highlighting design perspectives:

Nomi Ansari is known as the King of Pakistani Luxury Bridal and Special Occasion High Fashion Couture. His bright and opulent design is sought after worldwide for its unique style and attention to fine details that accentuate the moments that matter in life.

Notable South Asian Designers (What other south Asian designers would you add ?)

Princess Diana was a first in representing Desi Fashion for Royalty

Princess Diana, of Wales, one of the World’s greatest known style icons, also included in her definition of Royal Fashion, a full collection of elegant Indian Attire. She was first introduced to her favorite designer, by her friends Imran and Jemima Khan, and she so loved the work by leading Indian Designer Ritu Kumar, that she had a full collection of the stunning work of this world famous Desi Designer.

My favorite Princess Diana Desi look is the center photograph in the Ivory color Salwar Kameez with pearls.

Lahore Pakistan: In May 23, 1997- Princess Diana a humanitarian and world beauty visited Cancer patients at the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital in Lahore, Pakistan in a beautiful Ritu Kumar Designer Blue Floral Salwar Kameez with a complimentary robins egg blue dupatta scarf. Blue was Princess Diana’s favorite color, and she radiated elegance in this beautiful ensemble.

How the Celebrity West Is Won Over by South Asian Style?

West begun to embrace South Asian Desi Fashion. There are 5 South Asian Fashion Designers gaining fame for styling Hollywood. Instyle Magazine suggests we need to pay more attention to South Asian Fashion. From Henna, Bindi decoration, elegant jewelry, and clothing, South Asian Style has been graced in the pop industry by legends including:

Oprah Winfrey shared my interest in being fitted for a Saree

In a video she shares her Sari Fitting. She is proof of such beauty and grace in a collection of elegant Sarees. The spirit of the experience is moving for MANY, and I LOVED that Oprah shared the experience as it is a feeling like no other.

Iggy Azalea rocked the Desi Fashion in her Bounce Video

She is bold and global in her music. And she elevated the Western representation of Desi fashion in her incredible bindi, bridal head jewelry and vibrant crimson lehenga choli.

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