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As we close the Month of International Women’s Day, (March 8):

Where Women in Executive Leadership are?

We welcome Kamala Harris to lead the Vice President role in the highest office in the United States. Here are the Top 10 Female CEOs & Influential Business Women of American Companies. Of these leaders, MoneyShare found that approximately there are 22 female presidents or prime ministers world wide, and about a dozen women executives leading Fortune 500 companies.

Successful leaders are connected through and to other champions, who are both mentors and sponsors. The Center for Creative Leadership found that women need to cultivate their network of champions for advancing women leaders and that in turn creates opportunity that increases financial performance:

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Executive Women’s Network on LinkedIn

Where do Women Need to Be?

Want to drive innovation? Hire more women business leaders!

~ Forbes Magazine

Join our Executive Women’s Network on LinkedIn to celebrate leadership, learn from one another, and grow to elevate the position of women, to be more representatives of our world workforce.

The COVID Pandemic crisis makes a more empathetic and flexible workforce to meet people and recognize where they are, and act on the opportunity to serve them better. Today’s post COVID Business is facing new challenges for serving people, dealing with isolation, delivering results, and representing a fuller range of service offering in a time of great challenge. Crisis is opportunity and this is where women shine! Want to be more profitable? Insist Women are represented in your board room.

Women make up 50% of the workforce, but only 5% of the C-Suite! Matt Egan and Sofia Ordonez  for CNN Money created an informative infographic highlighting how women make up only 24 of the 500 S&P- Standard and Poors Companies C Level board of executives.

Correction of this travesty of underrepresentation of the women in leadership, can truly influence opportunity and capacity to solve new problems and innovation. It is time to leverage and represent women consumer power in policy, production of goods and services delivery. Where ever decisions are being made about the future of business, today. Let us share ideas that uplift, promote success, and creates a path of innovation.

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CEPs, Dawn C Khan, Executive leadership, executive women, Fortune 500, Kamala Harris, S&P, Vice President, women in government, womens jobs, womens network

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