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Women Leaders: Inspirational Grit

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Women Leaders: Inspiration Grit. Women Leaders: Inspirational Grit: This is a guide for women in leadership who are navigating setbacks. In modern business. now more than ever, the dynamic world of leadership must develop the inspirational grit to persist in spite of setbacks and delays. As women at the helm, it’s imperative to find inspiration when progress seems slow. Here, we’ll delve into strategies to maintain momentum, even when timelines shift, and professional demands encroach on personal life.

Jobs n Career Success- eNews

Jobs n Career Success- eNews

Jobs n Career Success- eNews: Discover expert advice towards career resilience in all times. Gain invaluable insights and implement current proven strategies to catapult your career. Moreover, we take pride in celebrating and nurturing the achievements of our vibrant job-seeking community, who have flourished by mutual support, evolving together into their professional prime.

Broad’s AI COVID-19 Solutions

Broad Institute's AI for COVID-19 Solutions:

Broad Institute’s AI for COVID-19 Solutions: In the battle against the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard stands out as a beacon of innovation and leadership. This research powerhouse employs cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) to spearhead initiatives, crafting impactful solutions to address the intricate challenges posed by the pandemic.

KAUST: AI-Healthcare Innovation

KAUST: AI-Healthcare Innovation: Jason Roos

At the LEAP 2023 tech expo in Riyadh, KAUST Chief Information Officer Jason Roos (middle; third from right) presented a lecture, The Impact of AI on Cybersecurity, and officiated new partnerships agreements with stakeholders; shown here applauding after a presentation. Photo: KAUST

Cybersecurity Jobs 7X Growth-Opportunity

Cybersecurity Jobs 7X Growth-Opportunity

Explore the thriving landscape of cybersecurity jobs, driven by the increasing reliance on digital technologies and escalating cyber threats. Discover how this field is predicted to grow over seven times faster than the national average, as Forbes and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics highlight the positive outlook.

FISU World-University-Games: Chengdu China

FISU World-University-Games: Chengdu China

FISU World-University-Games: Chengdu China: Shining as a highlight on the global sports calendar, the FISU World-University-Games: Chengdu China graced the southwest of the People’s Republic of China from July 28 to August 8, 2023. This remarkable event served as a showcase for some of the most exceptional university student-athletes worldwide. Honorable Chinese President Xi Jinping graced the occasion, personally attending the ceremony and officially inaugurating the games.

LONG-COVID Gripping Heart-Health

Long-Covid Statistics and Check-In

LONG-COVID Gripping Heart-Health continued years after COVID-19’s first attack in early 2020, and second attack in 2021. Today’s MSN News Headline, “COVID-19 took a toll on heart health and doctors […]

Destructive Long-Covid Judgement

Destructive Long-Covid Judgement- stop telling a patient it's all in their head. COVID-19 inflammation can damage your heart and other organs.

Understanding the Complexity of COVID-19 and Its Effects A COVID-19 long-haul medical expert highlights that the Coronavirus is real, relatively new, and much is still unknown about its wide range […]

Sinead O’Connor- Nothing Compared

Sinead O'Connor- Nothing Compared from Time Magazine https://time.com/5793721/sinead-o-connor-100-women-of-the-year/

Sinead O’Connor- Nothing Compared, born in Glenageary, County Dublin, Ireland on December 8, 1966, passed away this week at 56. Her music, boldness, and deliberate life resonated with many. In […]