5 Ways to Create Opportunity with Social Leadership

5 Ways to Create Opportunity with Social Leadership

Social Leadership requires a demonstrated level of intelligence and strong decision making. Cultivating meaningful social leadership in today’s business climate requires excellent social skills. Here are 5 ways to cultivate and display social leadership that makes a difference.

1. Celebrate Success and Create Open Communications Cultivate Caring – Leaders demonstrate caring for others and their well being. When communities care for one another and value transparent open communications, it creates a sense of community respect and caring for one another in all times. Business Social media networking fosters a professional network of people at all levels coming together to be a part of something bigger and brighter than they were alone. Being a giver

2. Cutting Edge of Real-time Innovation, Information, and Opportunity Advocate for people in your network. Lead by example to Connect and Contribute to the changes you want to see in the world. Want more and better job opportunity? Want more business referrals and community awareness? Service to one another creates opportunity. Ever hear the statistic that today between 70-80% of jobs are found through networking? This is true for jobs and business as well. Its that person who has a friend who has a friend at the right moment. Do not underestimate the value. Connected social sharing creates opportunities, for those who connect ethically to impact business, share ideas, and create win win opportunities. During COVID when Career Search Resilience is foundering, it’s a good network that can make all the difference!

3. Collaborate and Innovate- Create the Change you Want to See in the World Collaborate – Together everyone achieves more when innovations and meaningful decisions are made as a team with support, communication and respect. An amazing leader of change once said: “Be the Change you Want to See in The World.” If you want more opportunity for yourself, help share opportunities that help others. Every person you help plant and grow, creates the potential for greater wellness in the world. Being both a server and a leader , a student and a teacher connects us to evergreen fields of possibility and living. Got a lead that doesn’t fit you? “

  • While this is not a fit for me, connect with me on LinkedIn and I will introduce you to a few of my friends who this might be a great fit for!” or
  • “Thank you for thinking of me. I am working now, but here is the resume of someone I think might be interested!”

4. Cultivate Best Practices, Expand Knowledge, and Explore Relationships That Matter Diverse Perspective, Opinions and connections make such a difference! Connect, learn, share and grow from one another with information from a variety of perspectives, views and channels. Learn from people with vastly different viewpoints and experience, increase knowledge and gain access to perspectives you wouldn’t otherwise experience.
Maintaining a positive support network to peers who you have worked with or done business with is more than smart business. It creates essential bonds that could last a life time. Take time to keep in touch with friends, celebrate their job promotions, help one another when there are tough times. LinkedIn and Facebook make it easy to create connections that creates opportunity, leverage and support.

5. Seek Meaningful ways to connect and Appreciate Your People People and relationships are vital to health, and strengthen the social aspect of life. The person you will be 30 days from now depends upon the thoughts you think, things you read, and people you associate with. Enhance your your outlook and perspective by appreciating your people. Strong ties stimulate ideas and create opportunities. Use social media to express your appreciation, endorse performance, and find a way to show their contribution, achievements and contributions are valued. It makes their successes more visible, encourages acknowledgement, and allows leaders to learn and understand how important their contribution is.

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